NerdLacquer Cyance Friction

Yum. Just yum.  Cyance Friction is an amazing polish - vibrant and complex and just a beautiful blend. It's a true deep cyan with pink shimmer mixed in that gives it this glow and the glitter is just icing on the cake. I love this polish. I really hope NerdLacquer re-opens soon because there are a number of other colors that I need. I think I may have to stalk her. 

I want to paint a Helmer this color because I love it that much. 

Deborah Lippmann Ray of Light

I like copper polishes and I really like blue and copper together so Ray of Light caught my interest real fast when I read/heard about it. I purchased this from and I've never bought from there but I had a coupon code (C11289 for free shipping and/or C11533 for $5 off $25 or more) and I went through Mr. Rebates for a refund so I paid below retail. I'm glad I did because I can't say that I love it even though the color combination is one of my favorites. The formula isn't what I expect from Deborah Lippmann polishes. It's a bit gummy and thick and I know thinner will help that issue but I don't think I should have to tinker with a brand new polish especially one in this price range. 

I find the flakes to be a pinkish copper and would have preferred a pure copper but that is a personal thing. They do have a subtle duochrome quality where the flakes shift to green at certain angles which is sweet. I'm a bit on the fence on this one. I though I would love it the minute I put it on but I only like it and I have this urge to tweak it. Maybe if the base was a bit lighter so the flakes showed better? I am looking forward to dupes of this color coming out. Hopefully some USA drugstore flake polishes will be seen in the very near future. That would be awesome! 

I wore two coats over a dark midnight blue - China Glaze Up All Night. 

Pretty and Polished Jawbreaker

I wasn't going to buy Jawbreaker because I'm usually not a fan of milky based glitter polishes. I caved and bought a mini because I really liked it every single time I saw a photo of it. It taunted me because it's a tease. I am surprised to say that I like it. I really like it. I wore one coat over Nubar Marble Tower because I want to savoir the cute little bottle of happiness. It's the perfect name because it does look like the jawbreaker candy that I remember. 

I bought this from Pretty and Polished and very glad that I did.  My apologies for the tipwear but Gus really seems to like to nibble on my nails. He has very good taste. 

UP Colors Flocado in Carnaval

I like flake polishes and I should since I have a larger amount of them. I'm a sucker for "effect" polishes that I can layer over other colors. I just can't get enough of them. UP Colors Flocado/Flake in Carnaval has a sheer brown base (more of a tint actually) with green, orange and yellow flakes and the green flakes have a blue flash. I love the square bottles of the UP Colors and I had no issue with the formula. I can't say any of the flake polishes are unique but they are fun. 

This is one coat over China Glaze Mahogany Magic.

I purchased this from Ninja Polish and they are available at Llarowe as well.

Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Nail Set

I was pretty excited when I first read that Sephora and Pantone would be coming together to create cosmetics. When it came available online I bought it ASAP. Having played with this set I can honestly say that I am really disappointed. The set comes with four polishes in Tangerine Tango (the color of the year) with each being a different finish - shimmer, creme, matte and glitter. I know that the color is Tangerine Tango (can a tangerine tango?) but it's a bit annoying to realize that the matte and the creme are exactly the same. I can make the creme a matte easily so it would have been nice to have a different shade of tangerine in a creme version. I find this set boring, boring, boring. It had such potential but it fell flat for me. The packaging is nice though - very modern and clean looking - but I didn't buy it for the packaging. The quality of the polish isn't that great either. 


Tangerine Tango Creme is a bright orange. It has a horrible formula! It's thin and runny and the below photos are four coats and I still have visible nail line. Boo! 

Tangerine Tango Shimmer is an orange/coral shimmer with a pink flash. It's sheer so best worn layered. It's pretty but nothing earth shattering. 

Tangerine Tango Matte is not even a true matte but a satin and it has the same thin and runny formula as the creme. 

Tangerine Tango Glitter is a basic orange glitter. Boring and easily had from a number of other lines at a better price. These are nail wheel photos because I got annoyed at the set and didn't want to bother with it any longer. In order they are: alone, over the creme and over a dark navy.

Speciallità HITS Glitter Forte in 388/Hard Rock

Don't forget about the raffle!

I love a good glitter especially one that makes my nails look like a disco ball. It's tacky and garish and wonderful all at once. It makes me happy. I'm really liking the Glitter Forte collection. It even has a OPI Absolutely Alice dupe in 612/Brit Pop but the brushes are kind of sucky but that seems to be a common trend in this brand. Ah well, I can work with that for the bling. 

This is one coat of Glitter Forte 388/Hard Rock over a silver foil.  You can purchase this (and the other Glitter  Forte colors) from Llarowe and Ninja Polish. All these great sellers are making me piss through my nail polish budget like crazy. I may have to eat one of the cats for sustenance. Or maybe my Dad. 

Pretty and Polished Valentino

Don't forget about the raffle!

I do like my black and white glitters. Pretty and Polished Valentino is another to add to my collection. I like this one a lot. It looks a little different on each nail which appeals to me but I like the fact that it has bigger pieces of glitter. I only need one coat and no dabbing or patting the polish on which is a huge plus. I'm wearing it over Revlon Muse. 

Dollish Polish Dark Elf

Don't forget about the raffle!

This is a beautiful glitter. It's a bitch to photograph because it keeps coming out more blue based than it is. It's packed with purple glitter that is a smidge pink based (close to a violet purple) with holo bits that give off a blue flash and dark gold glitter. The gold glitter looks peachy/apricot and not gold. I prefer the peach tone but I just don't see gold. I think it's a great combination and well mixed. It's a very happy color and a good pick for those that like purple. I was able to snag this when Dollish Polish opened recently. I may have bought a few others as well. I need to stay off Etsy. 

This is as close to an accurate color I could get but it's not 100%. I am wearing one coat over China Glaze Spontaneous.

Some not color accurate photos but I tried my best!

Dollish Polish Urban Camo

Don't forget about the raffle!

Urban Camo is one I really wanted from Dollish Polish. Black, white and green glitter sounded like a great combination but this just didn't live up to my expectations. The green aspect is very, very faint and though I can see it in the photos I cannot see it in reality. It looks like the green hex glitter has faded so it has more of a silvery pale green tint on some pieces and just plain silver on most others. It doesn't look anything like the shop photo and it's just a big disappointment for me. Pity. 

This is one coat over Flormar 30 which is a bright pink creme. I added two coats on the pinky to see if I could get the green glitter to show up more. Didn't work.