China Glaze Stroll

I really love this one. It's not a dupe but it reminds me of OPI Smitten with Mittens. Pardon the tip wear.

Smackdown: China Glaze Channelesque vs Chanel Glaze Below Deck

I love a good taupe and Channelesque is one of my favorites. It's discontinued and when I heard that Chanel Glaze was releasing a supposed dupe with Below Deck I bought it. I was curious and decided to compare them.

Here is Channelesque. It has a lovely creamy formula.

Here is Below Deck. It has a creamy formula but is a smidge thicker than Channelesque.

Here they are together. I think Below Deck is a hair darker and a bit more purple but the average non-polish person isn't going to notice a difference. Oddly enough, I see the difference more in the separate swatch photos than I do in the comparision photos. I do prefer the formula of Channelesque but I think Below Deck will satisfy your craving for Channelesque very nicely.

Essie Wild Thing

I stole this from Target. I didn't mean to steal it but I did in fact steal it. It was in the clearance bin and had no price sticker so I thought I would carry it around until I found a price checker thing so I could see how much it was. I kept it in my hand so I wouldn't forget and it ended up in my pocket because I needed my hands because I knocked some things off a shelf. Comedy of errors. A few days later I wore the same coat and found it in the pocket.

I stole a polish named Wild Thing. Oh the irony.

Wild Thing is a berry red with subtle (very subtle) holo glitter. I'm not a huge fan of it but I keep it out of guilt.

Models Own Grace Green

A lovely soft sage green creme. Wonderful formula.

I'm really wanting Zoya Gemma from their new collection but I thought that I could possibly dupe the look. I layered CND Effects Ice Blue Shimmer and I think I did a good job going by photos. Probably won't keep me from buying it but maybe it will help you out.

Diamond Cosmetics Red Chunky Glitter

Dear Diamond Cosmetics,

I love this polish. I love the simple name. I love you! I would love you more if you would make this exact polish in green, blue, black, purple and orange. I would buy them. I would probably buy two bottles of them. I would wear them and love them and take such good care of them. Please, Diamond Cosmetics, would you make this polish in other colors?


I really do love this polish. It's a red hex and round glitter in a clear base. It's a really great dupe, when worn over black, for Deborah Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers. One coat of Red Chunky Glitter and you get a really nice even layer of glitter. I'm surprised this isn't getting more love.

Wouldn't you like to see other colors? Please leave a comment because I am planning on forwarding this post to them. Nothing like a little begging to get what you want!

Smackdown: OPI Designer Series (DS) Royal vs Sally Hansen DVD

I have read that Sally Hansen DVD was a close dupe to OPI DS Royal so I decided to compare them. I layered them over China Glaze Grape Pop and I can't see a huge difference. DVD is a more concentrated shimmer and needed only one coat where Royal needed two. They both have a complex shimmer and both flash a pink/purple. DVD is a bit more blue and icy looking but it's not a huge difference. You do see a diffrence if you don't wear them layered. The base for Royal is more purple where the base for DVD is more violet.

Wear them layered and there is not a huge difference. Wear them alone and there is a difference. I think Sally Hansen DVD wins just because you can get it much easier than OPI DS Royal. I do have to admit that I prefer Royal because of its grapey purple base color.

Nail wheel swatch showing the base color difference.

Bottle comparison.

On the nail over China Glaze Grape Pop.

In low light to show the pink/purple flash.

Misa Silk Robe

A favorite of mine. To answer the question of availability - this is discontinued and no longer available, sorry! It's a cousin to OPI Creme De Menthe.

My Dad thinks it looks like I sneezed on my fingers. Such a nice image. Thanks Dad!

CND Effect in Sapphire Sparkle

Sapphire Sparkle over Jessica Solar Eclipse. A great way to extend a manicure.

Jessica Cosmetics Solar Eclipse

Jessica Solar Eclipse is a beauty. Dark night sky blue. The creme version of Nars Midnight Express. This is after a day of wearing it while doing things with my nails that are always on the don't list. Like scraping stickers off things and opening boxes with them. Bad me but the polish held up well.

Sally Hansen Grey Area with BM19

Sally Hansen Grey Area is new but I have no clue if it is limited edition or what. I just can't keep up with Sally Hansen sometimes. It's a lovely dark dusty taupe creme. I see hints of purple in it on me. I used China Glaze Adore to stamp with plate BM19 and little purple gems from Dollar Nail Art.

I love this! Sometimes the nail art I see in my head does not translate to the nail but this one came out perfect. I was so proud of myself that it was amusing.

OPI What's Dune

I like the old OPI's. This is What's Dune from the 2003 Summer for Shore collection. That was such a great collection! It's sheer so I layered it over a grey but it's lovely and has a delicate holo and pink flash.