Orly Glam Rock and Konad M64

I really loved the Metal Chic Metallic Matte collection from Orly. They have that awesome suede matte finish so they aren't flat when they dry. I just love them!

Glam Rock is a copper that reminds me of a new penny.

They are great to stamp over too. I used Orly Blue Suede which is a matte blue that works really well with stamping. I used Konad stamp M64 for the design.

Here it is with a topcoat but I prefer it matte.

OPI Opening Night Gold

OPI Opening Night Gold is from the 2003 Holiday on Broadway collection. The collection that included La Boheme. Now I think La Boheme is a gorgeous shade but I think Opening Night Gold was the pick of the lot along with Man of La Mancha. I'm suprised it doesn't get more love but it seems to get lost in the La Boheme hype.

A soft gold holo and it's pretty!

And I filed my middle finger crooked. Again. *sigh* I should learn to leave things alone.

OPI Dutch Tulips

This is a special polish to me. A reader contacted me and said that she saw this on my wishlist and picked it up for me. To say I was floored and touched is an understatement. She let me rattle on about polish and allowed me to send her a package. I'm a curmudgeon and not very apologetic about it but this polish will always be special to me. Terni - you better wear that Misa!!

Dutch Tulips is a perfect combination of red and coral. I have no idea why I never bought it but now I own it! Yum!

I'm still smitten with the CND Effects so I put Raspberry Sparkle over it.

Butter London All Hail McQueen

You can get Butter London at beauty.com and from ulta.com. You can also buy direct from their website but the shipping is a bit high. I always check Mr. Rebates for a coupon and money back.

I have to say that I am loving the Butter London polishes I bought. So far not one has let me down. All Hail McQueen is a nude soft holo with a slight pink flash. It's a great office polish with a little something extra. Three coats and dry time was excellent.

P.S. - Don't forget the blog sale!

Models Own Purple Grey with Shimmer

I've read that Models Own Purple Grey is a pretty good dupe of Chanel Paradoxal but without the shimmer. I don't have much interest in Chanel because the price is a bit out there. I'm sure if I could find them on sale I would have a few of them but that doesn't happen. So I put on Models Own Purple Grey and added CND Amethyst Sparkle and I was pleased.

I really like the CND effects and I'm finding that I want more of them. They are fun to play with and one coat is enough to give a really great pop of shimmer.

This is an older photo but I found it while cleaning up my hard drive.

Funky French(ish)

Every once in awhile I get a bug in my head about doing something "different" with my nails. Different for me is a french manicure of some sort. I'm not sure if I like it but it isn't a total fail. My hands are small and this made them look smaller. I didn't think that was possible.

I used Eyeko Petit as the base and Eyeko Cosmic for the tips. The glitter line is some no name silver glitter art polish. The cat hair is Lloyd's contribution to the manicure. It adds a little something extra.

Butter London Bumster

I was smitten with this color in the bottle and even more so when I put it on. The formula was a breeze! These colors can sometimes be a pain - streaky or patchy - but this one was two coats and it was smooth. Bumster is a warm yellow with some gold thrown in and it reminds me of smooth dijon mustard. I love these colors.

I decided to stamp over it using Konad stamp M65 and China Glaze Cherish (green) as the color. I wanted a slightly retro look. This reminds me of wallpaper that was in my kitchen years and years ago.

Butter London Victoriana

I had a coupon for Beauty.com and decided to buy some Butter London polishes. Victoriana was one of them and it's gorgeous! It's a dusty teal blue with silver shimmer woven throughout the base. It looks sunwashed and reminds me of a beach color. The formula on this was excellent. It's a bit thicker and it stays where you put it when you apply the polish. Two coats but I could have done one.

I'm so loving this color. I'm hoping the other Butter London polishes that I bought are just as good. Plus, you've got to love a color that has Syphilis in its description.

Models Own Slate Green with Bundle Monster BM19

Slate Green is wearing really, really well. I decided I didn't want to take it off so I used Bundle Monster plate BM19 and stamped my nails with the circles/dots using Nubar Barricade. I wanted something subtle and I like the blue/green and light grey combination. It reminds me of a shower curtain I once had oddly enough.

Do you see the shine on those nails?! It's all China Glaze Fast Forward. It is becoming a favorite of mine and I actually like the weird fruity smell it has.

Models Own Slate Green

I gave in and ordered a bunch of Models Own polishes when they had their facebook sale. I bought 20 of them and at 50% off it was worth it. I only had one, Purple Grey, and love it. What really pushed me over the edge, besides 50% off, were the photos from Polish Wasteland. Pretty! I got my package the other day and decided to wear Slate Green first.

Slate Green is a dusty blue/green that is along the lines of Misa Dirty Sexy Money. The first coat went on really sheer and made me scowl but the second coat covered nicely but I did three anyway. I'm drawn to odd numbers. It has a slight jelly look to it and it is really shiny! This is a winner.

I did photos in the sun and under the Ott.

CND Night Factory Duo: Urban Oasis and Teal Sparkle

I couldn't wait to get my hands on these. The minute I saw the Night Factory set for sale at Transdesign I snatched it up. So glad I did because they are both really, really lovely. Urban Oasis is a teal creme that has a gorgeous formula and is a one coater. It leans slightly green and has a muted/dusty look. It dries with a high shine and I just love it. Teal Sparkle is a cool effect. It's a combination of teal, gold and blue mini glass fleck shimmer. It looks like the shimmer/sparkle that Zoya Charla has without the color base.

Here is Urban Oasis. *sigh* So pretty.

Here is Teal Sparkle over it. Again, so pretty. I suggest clicking for a larger photo because it is worth it.

Orly Opal Hope

I had to cut all my nails down (you may have noticed) and not because I had a break either. I decided to file my ring finger a bit and after realized it was crooked. I fixed it and noticed it was a bit pointy and next thing I knew it was filed crooked again. I got annoyed and just cut them all down. My hands now look like that of a toddler - short and chubby. Ah, well they will grow again.

I wanted something clean looking to go with the short length and picked Essie Secret Affair but I thought it was boring so I added Orly Opal Hope. It's a sheer pink with green shimmer/flash. It's a really awesome polish that looks way better on the nail than the bottle. In fact it is so cool that I am adding a bottle to the giveaway.

My new shorties with Essie Secret Affair. Luckily I can still give my head a good scratching!

Orly Opal Hope over the Essie.