Deborah Lippmann Marquee Moon

I've wanted this one for awhile but for some reason never got around to buying it. I get distracted! I finally bought it and I am glad. This isn't going to be loved by everyone but I like the scattered look the glitter gives it. When it is completely dry the glitter takes on a mirror quality - so cool. Looks like mirror balls on my nails.

For the record I also like Funky Chunky but I seem to be in the minority on that.

I got this one from Beautysak with a coupon!

Deborah Lippmann Waking Up In Vegas

I really like Deborah Lippmann's polish. It's the one of the brands I don't mind paying full price for a bottle - well I sort of don't mind. The other is Nars and RBL. I do try and wait for a sale and when Beautysak had one recently I pulled the trigger on a few polishes from Deborah Lippmann. Waking Up In Vegas was one of them.

It's so creamy and smooth and practically applies itself. It does dry to a satin type finish but a topcoat gives it shine. Oddly enough I don't have a dupe for it. I thought I did but the closest I found was American Apparel Mouse and that is darker. Everything else I pulled out was too dark, too light, too purple, too grey - you get the point. I do love these grungy colors.

My topcoat is giving me issues so don't mind the not so even finish.

AA Mouse is on the left (thumb) and DL Waking Up In Vegas is on the right (pointer).

Barielle Shades Fall 2010 Style In Argyle

I can't wait for Fall. Sweaters and boots and rich creme colors. Barielle Shades Style in Argyle is a great selection of shades for Fall. They all have a warm cozy feel to them. Now this collection isn't going to be for everyone. They aren't bright or bold and a few of them might seem ugly to some. I, however, love them but I like unusual colors. These are very earthy colors without screaming 90's earth tones. Remember that? Blech!

The formula on all of them are wonderful. They only needed two coats and I could have gotten away with one with a thicker application. I can't comment on wear but if they compare to the other Barielle Shades polishes that I have they should be good.

Cashmere or Loose Me is described as a soft brown with copper pearl. To me this is more of a dark brownish rose and the copper pearl is very subtle and soft.

You can see the shimmer here.

Tight Knit is described as a purple brown creme. I think this is a pretty good description. It leans towards a neutral purple based brown.

Aura Angora is described as a royal gold creme. This is actually more of a muted mustard and reminds me of Revlon Street Wear Burnt but is a bit lighter and more gold. Love this one!

Unraveled Rust is described as a burnt rust creme. This is more of a chocolate shade. Reminds me of really good cocoa powder - a rich chocolate brown with a hint of red. This is very lush.

Wool You Marry Me? is described as a plum brown creme. I would agree but it is more on the plum side. Very shiny!!

Cowl of the Wild is described as a mushroom taupe creme and that is pretty spot on. This is a darker taupe and really nice.

Here it is under the Ott and it is more true to color. The sun seemed to lighten it.

Also, the bottle had a little makeover and the amount of polish in the bottle went down a smidge. Old bottle on the left and new bottle on the right. I don't know what the horse means?

These are available now online at Barielle and they always have that buy 2 get 1 free deal. I would purchase this entire collection because I like it that much.

*This collection was sent to me by the PR company*

Nubar Knight's Armor

Nubar Knight's Armor is awesome. I have no idea why this does not get more love but it should. It reminds me of armor and leather all at the once. It wears like iron and I only needed two coats to get complete coverage. Plus the glitter is square - how cool is that?!

I love this polish and it would be one I would suggest as a must have from Nubar.

The sun peaked out for a bit and I was able to get a photo of it in the sun.

Isn't it cool? These photos are after 24 hours of wear and it held up so well.

Flake Spam

I like Spam. I grew up with it and once in a bluemoon I get a craving for it. Yum! Anyway, flake spam sounds like a dish but it is actually some photos of various flake polishes that I own.

LA Girl Crowd Surfing. Not a traditional flake polish but it has little copper flakes in a sheer green base. I layered this one over OPI Green-wich Village.

Nfu-Oh 39 reminds me of that foil stuff you put in gift bags. It has blue flakes that have a slight green flash to them.

Nfu-Oh 56 is a shimmery green with green flakes. It also has a blue cast in certain angles. This isn't a clear base flake but a shimmery base. It's like having emerald jewels on your fingers.

Nfu-Oh 59 has a red base with flakes.

Nfu-Oh 60 has a black base with flakes.

NYX Purple Ave is in a sheer lilac base with blueish flakes. These are fun and cheap.

NYX Blue Ave is my favorite. It is in a sheer blue base with blue and orange/copper flakes. Very interesting. It reminds me of a stone.

You can get NYX and LA Girls at Cherry Culture and Nfu-Oh at Fabuloustreet.

Smackdown: Flakes

I've been going through my stash and I was suprised when I discovered I owned so many flake polishes. I was even more suprised to discover that a few were dupes for each other. Ahh the life of an addict.

They are from left to right (or top to bottom) Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, Nubar 2010, Nfu-Oh 38 and GOSH Rainbow. As always, photos can be clicked for a larger image.

My conclusions - they are alike. So much alike that I suggest you pick one you can easily get your hands on and call it a day. Unless you are like me and like the hunt. I will say that the formula on the Nubar is better. It's thinner and you can put a few coats on without it building up and looking thick.

My Chanel Illusion D'or Dupe

I liked the look of Chanel Illusion D'or but I was not paying that much for it. Nope, no way! I figured it couldn't be that hard to find something like it. I played around and here are the results. It's not 100% but I like it.

I used a black base and put CND Gold Sparkle over the black and Sinful Pearl Harbor over the Gold Sparkle. So if you want that Chanel but cringe this could help with the pain.

I'm so cheap.

Revlon Street Wear FX Green and a Sorta Kinda Dupe

Revlon Street Wear FX in green is in my top 20. I don't wear it often because to replace it I would have to pay a small fortune. It is unique and I have yet to come across a dupe but when messing around in my stash I came across Sinful Agaci and decided to compare them.

Street Wear FX in green.

Sinful Agaci. You can get this polish at Cherry Culture. Now it is not an exact dupe but a cousin. It's a great glitter in of itself and if you can't get your hands on FX this may help with that craving.