Make Up Store Linnea

Happy Christmas to all who celebrate and Merry Winter to those that don't. I'll see you all on the 26th.

I am so glad to see more flake polishes coming out! I'm in flake heaven. I decided to pull Linnea out to celebrate my joy. I love this polish. I got it in a swap which is why I love swapping. I wore one coat over Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow Suede. I dented the manicure and only realized that after I took photos. Looks cracked. Thom tried grabbing my reading glasses off my face and we had a mini fight about it. He won but only because I let him.

LeChat Dare To Wear Disco Ball

Disco Ball is from the Disco Tech collection and it's full of glitter and sparkle! This is one coat of Disco Ball over Butter London Yummy Mummy. You can purchase LeChat from Head2Toe and I hope they expand the selection.

Glitter Gal Red Sparkle

I know that this is considered a holo polish but to me it is more of a living shimmer. The shimmer gives the polish movement and depth. It's very hypnotic to watch and I keep moving my fingers around. I look like an idiot but this polish needs to be experienced. I don't think the Sparkle polishes from Glitter Gal get enough love. Poor things.

China Glaze Love Marilyn

Lloyd was really ill and I had to give him meds and subcutaneous fluids. Scared the crap out of me. I didn't want to hurt him while I was shoving pills down his throat so the nails got trimmed. I don't think he appreciates my sacrifice or the very large amount of money I put out for what turned out to be a hairball from hell. Ingrate. He's much, much better now but I think I have an ulcer. I know I have more grey hair.

I have to admit that I don't understand the Marilyn Monroe connection with the Eye Candy collection. It seems so odd. It makes me wonder if someone at China Glaze really loves her and wanted to make a collection using her as a theme. Great collection though and Love Marilyn is a stunner! This is one coat over a deep red creme.

Misa Catch A Flick & Aqua Mist With A Twist

A two-fer. Misa Catch a Flick and I got bored so I layered Aqua Mist with a Twist over it. Pretty and soft and bright for chilly days.

Catch a Flick.

Aqua Mist with a Twist.

China Glaze Frosty

A white I like on me. It's not stark or neon and doesn't make me look tan. A nice formula as well. It does looks like the stuff you would use to make fake snow/ice. I hope it snows soon. I want some snow.

Avon Violetta Sparkle

Oh wow. Avon tends to be tame with polish but they sometimes release some great ones. This is one of them. It's what I wanted OPI Designer Series Mystery to be. This is a lush dark purple with flecks of gold shimmer. I see other colors of shimmer in there as well but the gold stands out. It's not too dark to be mistaken for black and the shimmer isn't subtle. Not bad for about $3.

Wacky Laki did a great manicure with it that I love. I may have to steal the idea.

Two coats of lovely.

Essence Barefoot Through the Moss

This came from Ms. N from Did Someone Say Nail Polish? and our never ending swap. She always sends the best stuff. *sniff* She is so good to me! This is a lovely sage green with subtle shimmer woven through it. This would make a great paint color for a room.

Misa Let's Go Green

This is so obnoxious in that happy making way. One of my favorite nail polishes.

Precision Twilight Zone

Precision Twilight Zone is what China Glaze Sugar Plums should have been. This is probably one of the best dark polishes with holo glitter I have come across. The holo glitter is not shy or overly subtle, it is smooth with no gritty feeling and it shines. The holo glitter shows up so very well and you get all these sparks and twinkles of color. This is beautiful and a very good substitute for a darker China Glaze Crystal Ball or for Sugar Plums done right.

I'm really pleased with this polish.

KOH Green Stardust

I love this polish. It's soft and subtle and it reminds me of stone for some reason. I really adore the packaging of KOH. The bottles makes me feel as if I am painting my nails with ink from an inkwell. Plus you get a little case to keep your polish safe and warm. Lovely. I hate thinking of my polish being cold and lonely.

Green Stardust is a soft green with shimmer and opalescent green/blue flakes. The formula is thin and oddly delicate feeling but it is opaque at three coats. I want more from this brand but they are expensive. *sigh* Gluttony seems to be the word of the day.

Witoxicity has a great post on ordering from KOH. It helped me a lot when I placed my order.

Cooler lighting to show the flakes a bit better.

Jessica Cosmetics Hologram Chic/Disco Diva

Jessica Hologram Chic is a duo of a silver holographic polish and a base coat for holo polishes. It's available online which is where I bought mine. It's also limited edition so if you have a desire for it you may want to act on it while you can. I really hope they make Disco Diva permanent and maybe do other colors.

Retro Revival is the base and I prefer it to Nfu-Oh Aqua Base. It's a bit thinner and dries much quicker on me compared to Aqua Base. The other task that this base is great for is matte and suede polishes. It helps with dragging and bald spots. If you like to use nail foils I have found that this (and Aqua Base) works really well as a top coat for them. No wrinkling or dulling.

Disco Diva is an amazing silver linear holographic polish. The rainbow and shine of this is just glowing. The formula is on the delicate side but I expect that since it's not rare for these metallic linear holos. The base helps and applying thin coats helps even more. This is just as holo as the original/good version of Nfu-Oh 61 and Gosh Holographic. It's a bit more holo than Make Up Store Greta and much more than China Glaze OMG. If you have been wanting a great silver linear holo - this is a wonderful choice.

I'm wearing top coat in these photos and as you can see it does not dull the holo. It's like having magic on your nails.

Precision Hazel & Gretel

I love this polish. I'm a big fan of copper but I don't come across copper colors that appeal to me very often. This appeals to me very much. The base is tinted so no need to layer and it only needed two coats. The glitter is like fine sugar. Removal was really easy too - kind of like removing a foil instead of a glitter.

It's a pretty spot on match to Orly Glam Rock which is a favorite of mine.

I bought this online from Precision. I have seen this brand on Ebay as well.