A-England Lady of the Lake

I won a giveaway. Me! I have never won a giveaway or contest. Ever. The Phalangies Files had a giveaway for Lady of the Lake and I won. Which is nice because I was very close to buying this polish. It makes me giddy. I may buy a lottery ticket.

I have a confession. I prefer my holo polish to be scattered. I like linear but I prefer scattered and this one is just lovely. I may have to buy a few more from this brand. Thank you Chi-Chi!

Elianto Racing Green

I've wanted this polish for awhile. I actually bookmarked a few blogs posting it and I had a few photos of it saved on my computer. It called to me. I finally have it. I feel complete now. All thanks to Jamie from (Squoval)icious!

Isn't it pretty? Isn't it perfect? *sigh* I just love it.

FACE #98

No name on this one - just a number. The lovely Sminkan sent this to me because she worships me and thinks I am wonderful. No not really. It's because she is nice and kind and smoking hot. Really! Go check out her blog. Stunning.

This is packed with holo glitter and has a slight pink/lilac tint. This is one coat over Barry M Mushroom - which I love.

China Glaze Dorothy Who?

Stupid punctuation use in nail polish names! Grrr.

This is a lovely polish but it is best over a dark base. Alone it looks like a basic blue glitter polish. When you apply it over a dark base (black, navy, red) it really comes to life. This is one coat over China Glaze Up All Night.

Suede French

I do like the OPI Suede polishes. I like the texture and feel of them. I got bored and added some topcoat on the tips. It's subtle.

I got bored again and added a teal nail art glitter that I made. This I really liked. I think the color combination worked really together.

Bundle Monster BM-208

I got an odd email asking why the skin around my cuticle area is wrinkled. It's not wrinkled. I have a web of fine scaring around that area on a few of my fingers. I could Photoshop them out but they don't bother me. So take that creepy email person!

On to the polish.

In reality this looks like fish scales in an abstract sort of way. I used China Glaze Millennium and Adore for the stamping. I just swiped them both on in random patterns and scraped them off. Easy! The design is over Essie Smooth Sailing.

Essie Smooth Sailing

This was elusive. I would visit a store hoping to find it and the slot would be empty. I finally found a bottle hiding in the candy aisle of a Rite Aid. Ha! I took that as a sign that I deserved the bag of M&M's it was sitting on. They were tasty and this polish is gorgeous! Subtle glass flecks in a dusty perwinkle purple base.

XO Jackson Hole Jasmine

I know nothing about the brand XO. It caught my interest because it's green and a duochrome. It has a flash of pink/bronze which you can't really see in the photos. Hmph! This is one coat over OPI Green-Wich Village. It has a very nice glow to it.

Nails Inc Kensington Palace

A greyed out dusty blue shimmer. One coat over a grey creme. I believe this is now discontinued. Pity.

Ozotic Elytra 528

Don't forget about the giveaway!

It's funny but I'm not sure I love this polish. I would have thought I would be drooling over it. A multi-chromatic glitter?! Yes, please! But something is keeping me from putting this in the "love" category. It may be that I feel limited because the best base is black or something equally dark to showcase it best. I may have to tinker with it.

I think, and I am surprised by this, I prefer the KleanColor Chunky Holo collection. Hm. That's good for my wallet at least.

Here is a quick swatch of it over white.

Brucci Sylvia's Pretty in Purple

I'm playing with adding a watermark to photos. Please do let me know if it gets in the way of seeing the polish.

This is a lovely lilac with a slight dusty feel. Great formula. Sometimes I just want a nice creme though I am thinking that it needs glitter or stamping. Brucci does have some odd names. I suspect that if I worked for them I would know who these people are that get their name associated with a polish.

What would your polish name be? I claim "Kristina's Gangrene" so you can't have it!

China Glaze Custom Kicks

Did you ever see a polish that you immediately wanted? This is how I feel about Ulta3 Pacific Fever. I saw it here at Steffels blog and again here at Let Them Have Polish. I feel such lust for this polish. Lust I tell you! So I thought that I would try and dupe it from my stash. Be positive and work with what I have and all that stuff.

I used China Glaze Custom Kicks as the base with one coat of Pure Ice Heart Breaker over that and one coat of Sinful Pearl Harbor over those. I could have stopped with just Heart Breaker but I think it cooled the flames for Pacific Fever a wee bit. Maybe. Sort of. *sigh* Not really.

Catrice Dirty Berry

I like this one because it's not a dark grape purple and has a soft holo effect. Dirty Berry reminds me of a well worn and washed purple cotton tee shirt. It's a comfortable color to wear. Is Dirty Berry slang for something? If not, it should be.

My apologies for the tipwear.