Toma Swinging on a Star

Toma Swinging on a Star is a red based purple with flashed of gold and some slight pink. The base color is very pretty on this one. This is one of my favorites of the bunch. It's a stronger duochrome compared to the others but not an in your face duochrome.

Toma Copper Comets

Toma Copper Comets is a golden copper with flashes of pink and gold. The pink was hard to capture since this flashes better in low light. It's a subtle duochrome. It's not a true red copper but it's not a gold either. This one is very metallic in color. The pink flash softens things.

Toma Moonstruck

Toma Moonstruck is a rosy copper with flashes of gold. It's not a strong duochrome but it's a lovely metallic that has a soft feel to it. The duochrome shows better in lower light which made it tricky to photograph. On to the pics!

Toma Metal Mirage

Metal Mirage is a stronger duochrome with an obvious color change when you move your fingers. It's along the lines of Zoya Ki and Nubar Moon Shadow in color. It has a purple base and flashes green and gold. Pretty!

Please pardon my dry skin.