KleanColor Military Green

The formula on this is amazing. It's smooth, creamy and a one coater. The shine is blinding. I'm not wearing topcoat in the below photos. I'm really impressed. It doesn't help that the color is a wicked green. I'm going to say that the formula on this one is better than Rescue Beauty Lounge. Not bad for a polish under $3.

Nubar Verde

Green! One of my favorite Nubar polishes.

Joe Fresh Mallard

When I was about seven my brother and I traded some stuff with another kid for a Mallard Duck. We lived in Philadelphia in a very urban area so this was odd but at the time it was amazing. We had a duck! We brought it home in a backpack and put it in the bathtub. He wasn't happy. At all. He jumped out and chased my brother around while quacking and biting. I was smart enough to jump on the toilet to get out of his way. It was awesome! We, well my brother, managed to lock it up in the bathroom. Of course we had to face our Mother later. And clean the bathroom.

Joe Fresh Mallard makes me smile and chuckle. It's also a really great color with a very nice formula.

Barry M Indigo

Oh man. This polish is stunning. I got this in a swap with Shel from If It Shines It's Mines! One coat and it's a gorgeous indigo that is both deep and vibrant. I had to tweak it in Photoshop since it came out too blue. It's not 100% accurate but it's close.

Pardon the tip wear. I was abusing my nail file again.

A Black Linear Holo Franken and How To Make Your Own

This post has been edited and the name of the pigment has been removed.

I've been sitting on this post for four months. I feel like a mad scientist! It's alive! Lots of text in this post but I think it is worth it.

I used a pigment powder for this franken. I was given a tiny little bit from a friend who used to own a custom car painting place. It contains magnesium fluoride and aluminum and I don't suggest buying a ton of it and going to town with it. I didn't use it for industrial purposes so felt safe handling it but I did wear gloves and made sure not to inhale it. Also, magnesium fluoride and aluminum are ingredients that you will find in older polishes such as the Sally Hansen Prism line. I was pretty confident because of that fact that it would not explode when mixed with nail polish. It can also be mixed with water based paint so that made me feel even better. No explosions and no body parts have fallen off but as always please be careful and use common sense when using unknown elements.

I highly suggest putting it in a color polish. I added some to clear to make a silvery holo topcoat but it separated after sitting and needed a really, really good shake. Another suggestion is that you add it to polish and not the other way around. It seems to mix better that way. It's a very fine powder so keep that in mind if you plan on playing with it.

On to the good stuff!

I've been letting this sit for about four months because I wanted to see if it would be okay or if it would fail. Plus I kind of forgot about it - opps! It's really okay! Woo and a Hoo! I made a linear holo! How exciting is that?!

I named this My City Bus since I travel by public transportation and not by jet. Ha! Take that OPI! This is one coat over a black creme.


1 bottle of China Glaze Liquid Leather with a bit taken out for room
2 tiny little pinches/scoops of pigment (I used a straw cut to make a shovel scoop)

On the nail.

Here is the silver holo topcoat over a blue creme. It's a bit patchy from sitting and becoming separated. Still pretty but the pigment seems to work better being added to a denser color base like black.

CND The Look Jason Wu

I love everything about this little collection. The minute I saw it on TransDesign I snatched it up. The last two CND releases were kind of eh to me but this one, nice! They aren't crazy or bright or even all that earth shattering. They do, however, have a gorgeous formula and are just lovely shades. They're basic without being boring and edgy without being in your face about it. These are all keepers for me.

Miss Wu. A light pearl grey with a satin finish. Not stark at all and looks elegant on me.

Brigitte. A dusty taupey purple. One coat and a really nice soft color.

Sophia. A taupe creme that is lighter and more neutral to the darker ones on the market. Not unique, obviously, but still very nice and goes well with the collection.

Veronica. A juicy pomegranate red. I do love a good red!

Anna. The Effect of the group. It gives a subtle texture/tweed look to a polish. I love tweed and texture so I really like this one. It's subtle and dries a smidge matte but topcoat washes out the texture. It's not going to be to everyone's taste but if you get a chance to try it please do.

Brigitte with the effect.

Sophia with the effect.

Jesse's Girl Fire Fly

This usually has a green hue to it but I think the blue base cancels it out. I think a darker base color would work better to show the green. This is close to China Glaze White Cap except White Cap is more golden. This is one coat over Barry M Cyan Blue.

Finger Paints Summer 2011: Peace, Love and Color

Groovy Green. The one I was looking forward to because it is green and Finger Paints has some really nice greens in their range. This was horrible. It was thick, lumpy and gooey even after adding 18 drops of thinner. The finish is frosty which doesn't really work with the color which is a lime green with subtle silver shimmer woven through it.

Psychedelic Sunshine. Is a sheer yellow with tiny holographic glitter. Think a yellow tinted China Glaze Fairy Dust. It's awful. I added 43 drops of thinner but it was still thick and heavy. It dried with this weird lumpy matte finish. It also made me look like I dipped my fingers in urine and sprinkled glitter over it. I tried it over a yellow creme - still awful. I wonder what they were thinking when they made this color?

Peaceful Purple. A silvery purple glitter. Nothing exciting but again the formula leaves a lot to be desired.

Outta Sight Orange. A shimmery glass fleck orange with pink shimmer. Three coats but this has potential. It's bright and cheery and would probably work better layering it over an orange creme. The pink shimmer/flash is subtle but there but doesn't really show in the photos.

Give Pink A Chance. A vibrant coral/pink/red. This had the best formula of all of them but the color has been done many times before.

All You Need Is Color. A teal glitter with added green glitter. I like this one but, again, the formula was a bit thick and gummy.

No love for this collection. If I had to pick it would be All I Need Is Color and Outta Sight Orange but only if I was forced. The formula on most of them was just bad and they just aren't very exciting. Pity because I like Finger Paints but not this collection.

*These were sent to me for review*

Petites Color Fever Utopia

Utopia is a really gorgeous green teal glass fleck shimmer with a subtle purple sparkle flash. It's pretty in the bottle but much better on the nail. It's subtle but not shy and different enough from Zoya Charla (and all the other colors like that) to own both.

You can see the green more in lowlight like this photo.