Jessica Cosmetics Bliss Is This Collection

Someone contacted me to let me know that this collection is a (possible) dupe to the Chanel 2012 Spring collection. Sweet!

Bliss Is This is a bridal collection from Jessica Cosmetics. I'm not a bridal/wedding type but these three colors seem like an unusual choice for a wedding theme. I'm used to seeing softer more pastel colors but these aren't pastel nor do they have a bridal feel to them. The formula was nice on all of them and they all dried with this amazing shine! I was very impressed with that aspect. I can't say any of the colors are unique and I can't say I am a huge fan of them but that is a personal taste issue. I'm still wondering how they picked these three as a bridal collection. *shrug*

Love Story (Chanel June dupe) is a pale creamy orange that reminds me very, very strongly of Chanel June. I don't own Chanel June but from the many photos I have looked at it could be a close dupe. Love Story looks like the Circus Peanut candy. The tone changes depending on the light and I tried to show that in the photos. 

I added some Nubar Orange Glitter to the tips. 

Desire (Chanel April dupe) is a pink plum creme. Great formula and really, really shiny. I'm not wearing any topcoat in these photos. The color isn't unique at all but it sure does shine. 

Here it is with a coat of Essence Louise. 

Flirtation (Chanel May dupe) is a warm muted pink. This is not a stark pink and it has an elegant feel to it. I actually like this one on me. It makes my fingers look long instead of fat and short. 

Here I added a coat of Personi Cosmic Jelly and topped all that with Orly Matte topcoat which dries to a satin finish as opposed to a true matte. It gives it a diffused look. 

Disclosure: These were sent to me for review but can be had from Jessica Cosmetics directly. 

Red Carpet Lacquer Oz, Not Kansas

Oz, Not Kansas is a cool glitter. It reminds me of the glitter in Butter London Black Knight. This is one coat over Orly Wild Wisteria. I really like the red glitter mixed in there. 

I bought this from Red Carpet Lacquer.

NerdLacquer Hyperspace Bypass

While applying this polish I had a "No Way" moment. One of those moments where you can't believe the truth because it just doesn't seem right. I realized that I first read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy when I was nine and I remember waiting for the release of the rest of the series. Where does the time go?! 

I purchased this from NerdLacquer. I'm really looking forward to her opening again. I have a nice little list going of polishes I want. 

Pretty and Polished Hello Dolly

I love musicals and I have to admit that I prefer movie musicals over live musicals. Hello Dolly is one that I really enjoy. It's directed by (the great) Gene Kelly and has Walter Matthau and a brief appearance by Louis Armstrong. Yeah, it's awesome. I saw the name of this polish and had to have it. It's pretty and sparkly and it has a great name. It's a big win in my book. 

I bought this from Pretty and Polished. This is one coat over Orly Petit Four.

Blurred to show the sparkle.

Candeo Colors Jellybean

I'm not normally a fan of yellow but I do like Jellybean. It's not the most flattering color on me but I don't care! It's so cheery looking. The formula on this is beautiful - not chalky or thick but just right. I was really surprised that the formula was so nice because it's yellow and it's full of glitter but I only needed two coats for perfect coverage. 

I bought this from Candeo Colors though she is currently on vacation. I'm looking forward to seeing her new creations. Candeo Colors can also be found on Facebook. 

Red Carpet Lacquer Clover

Red Carpet Lacquer Clover is a yellow, green and orange multi-shaped glitter. Seems simple enough but what these photos do not show is the glow this polish produces. It's like foil - it's awesome! I could have gotten complete coverage with two (ish) coats but I wore one coat over China Glaze Starboard. 

I bought this from Red Carpet Lacquer. She is showing teaser photos of her upcoming collection on her blog. The purple one in the Teaser #3 post has me very intrigued! 

Windestine Into The Wild

I think I'm going to do all indie polishes this week. It was a request and it works out well since the last few polishes I purchased have been from indie shops. I'm really enjoying the creations folks are putting out and I like supporting independent businesses. Which is obvious by how often I browse Etsy

First up this week is windestine Into the Wild which is a mix of black and shades of brown round glitter. I love this polish! These aren't colors you see very often and the balance of the colors is perfect. I wore one coat over Orly Solid Gold. It looks very rich over the gold but it also looks great over other colors like green and orange. 

I purchased this from windestine

And it looks really sweet matte.

Red and Gold with Essence My Sparkling Acrobat

Have you checked out the giveaway?

Red and gold is a great combination and probably as great at copper and green/blue. Also, I really like the dual ended polishes that Essence put out for the Circus Circus collection. I have no idea why since they are a pain to store, are heavy and I'm a bit nervous of them falling over when I use them but I still really like them. I used the gold glitter from My Sparkling Acrobat over Revlon Saucy. Very festive. 

IsaDora Ashes to Ashes

Don't forget about the giveaway!

Such a pretty color and has a wonderful formula. I was craving a nice simple creme.

Catrice Forget Me Not

Don't forget about the Essie Luxeffects giveaway!

Ugh! This is such a beautiful, beautiful nail polish. It's vibrant and lush and it glows. If you have the chance to get this polish - do it! Forget Me Not is one of my favorite purple polishes. 

KleanColor Kiss Goodbye

Don't forget about the Essie Luxeffects giveaway!

Kiss Goodbye is related to Midnight Seduction but this is purple. It actually reminds me of a subtle version of OPI Sparkle-icious. It's pretty. I wore this over a grey/taupe creme but I can't remember which - opps!