SpaRitual Spring/Summer 2012 Gold Collection

The Gold Collection is the Spring/Summer 2012 offering from SpaRitual. All six shades have gold shimmer and are infused with real gold. Seems a waste of real gold but it does make for a pretty nail polish! I think it's an interesting Spring/Summer collection. You usually see neons or bright colors but SpaRitual decided to put out a mix of metallic/golden colors. I like them though I think $12 a bottle is a bit steep but having a coupon helps things. I bought these at and they always have a coupon floating around. 

Alchemy is a white gold shimmer. It has a fluffy formula and it goes on delicate looking but it only needs three coats to be opaque and it wears well. It reminds me of China Glaze White Cap but the gold is more pronounced and it has a less sheer formula. I like this one it's very pretty and clean looking on the nail. 

Gilded Age is a golden pink shimmer. The gold shimmer in this is really lovely. It went on a bit streaky and frosty looking but when it dried it smoothed right out. It's sparkly and demure. I only needed two coats. 

Aurum is a gold shimmer that looks like hammered gold. This one is very sparkly and vibrant with a delicate formula much like Alchemy. Three coats for an opaque finish. I can't say this is unique but it is pretty. 

Conduit is copper shimmer and I love it! It's an interesting mix of gold and copper and the sparkle is amazing. 

Rusted Lux is red copper shimmer. This leans more red copper with a gold mix but the sparkle is just as amazing as Conduit. 

Electrum is an olive golden green shimmer. It's very vibrant and a bit lighter than your traditional olive green polishes. I like it but I'm a sucker for greens and this one has a sort of satin finish when it dries. 

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GaffoRama April 10, 2012 at 12:24 AM

These look amazing! I can't believe these are the first swatches I've seen.

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