Finger Paints Holiday 2012 Holiday of Wonders

I'm such a sucker for holiday collections and, normally, I really enjoy what Finger Paints' holiday collections. This one is kind of 'eh' - not awful but nothing really exciting or new though they are pretty and cheerful. I bought these at my local Sally and they only had one bottle of each color. I asked the sales clerk and she said that her store only got one bottle of each color. Stingy bastards! 

Midnight Sleigh Ride. Gorgeous formula. A mid-tone blue with small flecks of shimmer. It's oddly chilly looking on the nail. This is one coat. 

Santa's Magic is a very blingy holo silver glitter. This is one coat over Midnight Sleigh Ride and the glitter applies really well and with good coverage. 

Elves Bells is a dull gold glitter with round opalescent pieces. I'm on the fence with this one since I really like the round opalescent pieces but I'm not loving the shade of gold. This is two coats. 

HollyDazzle is a cherry red with some really stunning shimmer. Woven within the polish is violet shimmer. Awesome but really difficult to photograph. The little hint of violet makes this a bit different from the standard red but this reminds me strongly of China Glaze Cherry Pie but more dense. Two coats. 

Merry Mistletoe is sheer. I mean very, very sheer. I tried wearing it alone but after five (yes five!) coats I still had very obvious nail showing. I decided to layer it over Orly Lucky Duck and it looks just like China Glaze White Cap. Bummer because in the bottle it looks like a grass green with tons of golden shimmer. Two coats  layered over the Orly. 

Sparkle and Snowflake is your standard silver and holo glitter. It's a more dense version of China Glaze Fairy Dust. One coat over the above manicure. 

Sinful Colors Polar Opposites

These photos do not do this polish justice. The teal/blue shimmer is very vibrant and the magnetic pattern is crisp and clean. It's very shimmery and 3D in reality. Polar Opposites is a very well made magnetic polish. This is probably equal to Nails Inc in magnetic quality. I still love magnetic polishes! 

This is a lattice pattern in case you can't tell. I may have to pick up one of the star pattern polishes. From what I saw, from my brief glimpse of the displays, each pattern has the same colors but you can select either a star or a lattice pattern magnet. 

Innisfree 101 Girl's Skirt

I don't own Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid's Dream but I think this may be a dupe. I was undecided on whether I wanted to buy the Lippmann polish but I saw this on Ebay and figured I would go for it. I like it and now I have no desire to buy the Lippmann. Sweet! 

I purchased this from HSC Imports from this listing on Ebay.

Jessica Cosmetics Glitterati

Glitterati is the other polish that I bought from the Glamourama collection from Jessica Cosmetics. The other colors are red based and as much as I love red I was more interested in the glitters. Glitterati is a brown/bronze glitter with a orange/red and green color shift. It is much like a standard flake polish but in glitter form. It has the same formula as Platinum Wishes. The glitter is fine and works really well for layering. 

Here is one coat over OPI You Don't Know Jacques Suede. 

One coat over black. 

Jessica Cosmetics Platinum Wishes

When I first saw the bottle of Platinum Wishes I thought it was going to be a glitter bomb. It looks very dense in the bottle but it actually goes on very fine. I don't think there is anyway you could get this opaque so it is a layering glitter for sure. It is full of micro glitter in shades of blue and green and orange/copper and it has a subtle duochrome aspect. It reminds me of the Ozotic Elytra glitters but without the strong color flip. 

I think this would be perfect for someone who prefers a subtle glitter. Or maybe someone who is new to glitter. It was very easy to remove which was nice. I bought this from Ebay but Ninjapolish has it for sale as well. 

This is one coat over Diamond Cosmetics Once in a Blue Moon. 

Here it is over black. 

Jessica Cosmetics Gold Leaf Luxe 18k Topcoat

I have picked the winner of the giveaway and she responded. I want to thank everyone for entering! Thank you!! On to the polish.

I was not going to buy any of the gold leaf topcoat polishes that have been released lately. I made my own awhile back and did not like it at all. It was too crude and clunky on the nail. I also think they are easy to make for a fraction of the cost. The only issue I see with making your own is that gold leaf is fussy to work with and it is time consuming to get the pieces shredded finely. It can also turn green depending on the base used. Pain in the butt overall. 

Having said that, I am enjoying the Jessica 18k Gold Leaf polish. It's easy to work with and the pieces are finer and it's much more refined compared to my franken. This was sent for review and I honestly don't think I would have purchased it unless I found it for cheap because this is an expensive splurge but I am enjoying it now that I have it. It does dry to a satin finish but topcoat makes it shiny again. 

One coat over Jessica Notorious which is a brown based vampy red shimmer. There is something so lush about red and gold together. 

One coat over a greenish turquoise franken that I made that is awful. Don't mind the creases and ridges - those are all from the base color. 

*This item was sent to me for review and can be purchased at Jessica Cosmetics*