Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Catwalk

Catwalk is a green with subtle golden shimmer. It's a lighter version of Nars Night Porter. Catwalk is more green and less black compared to Night Porter but this polish is as close as I have to come to finding a dupe. It's not a dupe but it's a cousin.

CND Pink Wishes

Pink Wishes is a limited edition set that comes with Pink Wishes Colour and Pink Wishes Pearl Effect. It's pink for October and Breast Cancer awareness. I'm a sucker for CND Effects and the only reason I bought this set was for the Effect. They are fun and I'm always impressed with CND's formula.

Pink Wishes Colour is a pale pink creme. Not a huge fan of this color but I am pleased with the formula. Very smooth and creamy. I needed three coats but if I put on thicker coats I could have done two. But it's pink and pale. Eh.

Pink Wishes Pearl Effect gives a pink pearlescent sheen to the polish. It doesn't cloud the base color which is what I enjoy most about the Effect polishes. It's subtle over the pink and I can see this looking great over a grape purple or teal polish.

OPI I Lily Love You

I think I prefer this over a dark color and not pink. It's oddly different for OPI and makes me wonder why they don't put out more unique colors and finishes. On purpose and not because a new version of an existing color was made by mistake.

Nars Schiap

FYI: The name of the Color Club blue foil is Cold Metal and not Hot Metal. Though I think Hot Metal would be cooler. I updated the post. Sorry for any confusion!

Schiap is one of the few pink creme polishes that I own. I love this one. It's bright and bold and shiny. Not delicate at all and I think Elsa Schiaparelli would have approved.

Rimmel Rags to Riches

I saw this here at Nail Nerd and here at Nails Beautiqued. Want! I found it online through Ulta since I really prefer not to have to stalk drugstores for nail polish. Drives me batty doing that and I really hope I don't have to stalk for the new Revlon fall colors. I really want those Revlon polishes.

Anyway. This is a lovely silvery shimmery green. It's a cooler shade of green compared to the normal shimmery green offerings which tend to be golden or olive. It's very pretty.

Color Club Cold Metal

This is from the new Color Club Foiled collection. I bought three of them and now I need to get the other three. Cold Metal is amazing. AMAZING! One coat of glowing blue hotness. It's a pretty spot on dupe of Funky Fingers Alice (both brands are made by the same company) so if you have been wanting Alice you can get Cold Metal and be very happy. It's gorgeous and if you do nail stamping this is going to work well.

Love it!

Zoya Jem

Holy moly this polish just glows and I only used one coat. It's a stunner. I am annoyed that it is so close to Valerie except Valerie's glass-fleck shimmer is a bit more pronounced. I also think that is my way of justifying keeping both. Still, they are very, very close to each other. It doesn't take away from the fact that this polish is beautiful but if you were wondering if you needed both - I don't think you do. Haute Lacquer did a comparison that you can see here.

Catrice Amazonian Gold

Amazonian Gold is from the LE Papagena collection. It's soft and delicate and makes my nails and fingers look long and dainty. In reality they are the opposite of that and are short and stubby. It has subtle shimmer and went on like a dream. It's a buttery gold and seems to flatter my pale skin.

I got this in a swap since Catrice is not available in the US. Boo!

Metallic Dots

I saw the Sephora Nail Bling Black Rainbow post at I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous and I wanted them! Then I remembered (after a hard slap to my head) that I don't like nail stickers. I do like stamping so I duped it (sort of) with Konad plate M60 and various metallic polishes from China Glaze.

I just put stripes of polish on the stamp and wiped it off and stamped. The colors blend together a bit. So cool.

Personi Cosmic Copper

This is one of my favorite glitters. Usually I am not a huge fan of string glitter but the glitter in this is smaller and a bit more delicate. I just love it. I even have an extra bottle of it which is rare. This is one coat over Misa Catch A Flick. You can find Personi pretty cheaply on Ebay.

China Glaze Halloween 2011 Haunting Collection

I snapped this up the minute they showed up on Victoria Nail Supply. I do love online shopping. I don't have to wear shoes or pants to do it.

Feel free to click the images to make them larger.

Near Dark. Is a dark yellow based green creme. I thought I would need more coats because the first one went on so thin but I only needed two. It's murky and a bit warmer than a straight black.

I did a quick comparison between Near Dark and OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow which is more forest green.

Crimson. A vampy and very dark purple based red. It reminds me of a deep merlot wine. It went on very nicely and only needed two coats. You can see the base color around the edge of the nail. Very sensual color. I didn't do a comparison to this one, sorry.

It's Alive. My pick of the collection. Two different sized glitter and it's green! Not as murky as I thought it was going to be when I first saw it. Formula was a little thick but I tend to expect that with glitter polishes. Two coats and it's not a top coat eater. I like to think this is what zombie cheerleaders would wear.

Quick comparison of China Glaze Zombie Zest and It's Alive. Totally different so feel free to own both. Ha!

Haunting. A black with silver glitter. Not unique but the glitter in this isn't sparse like other black with silver polishes. It blends really well with the black. Great formula and doesn't eat top coat.

Quick comparison of Nars Night Breed and Haunting. They are close but the glitter in Night Breed is a bit different as you can see.

Happy Friday!

Tony Moly GT01 Mercury

Oh man. The entire Galaxy collection from Tony Moly is amazing! I first saw them on Polish Police and I headed to Ebay a bit later and bought all of them. Steffels posted swatches of all of them and made me so very glad to have bought them.

I bought them from the seller needmoreanime and had a great experience. They all arrived very well packed and I got them in under 14 days. I also got lots of skincare samples. Sweet.

Just look at it! Look! Two coats of the polish and two coats of top coat. Worth it. I took some photos in my lightbox to cut the glare and show the polish better.

It's wonderful. *sigh*

Lightbox photos.

Under the Ott. See how shiny it is?

Close up.