Red Carpet Lacquer Mrs. White

Mrs. White is from the Clue collection from Red Carpet Lacquer. I never played the actual board game but the movie is one of my favorite movies. I can watch it over and over and never get tired of it. Mrs. White has two different sizes of white glitter with a sprinkling of small black glitter mixed in with the white. It reminds me of snow on city streets. 

Do not mind the bubbles. I didn't see them until I was looking at these photos. I used Seche after thinning it and shaking it which always gives me bubbles unless I let it settle first. I'm so impatient. 

I bought this from Red Carpet Lacquer. I am wearing it over SpaRitual Clay. 

My thumb to show you how it looks worn with one quick coat. Looks like fabric.

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer Sloth

Sloth is from the 7 Deadly Sins of Summer collection from Nostalgic Nail Lacquer. Sloth has orange, burgundy and copper glitter. This is a pretty awesome glitter. The formula was beautiful - not too thick and not too thin - and I only needed to dabble just a little bit to get glitter placed where I wanted. If I let Sloth thicken a bit I could easily wear it without layering but I like to layer. 

I bought this from Nostalgic Nail Lacquer. The 7 Deadly Sins collection was/is limited edition. I am wearing Sloth over Golden Rose Matte Velvet 105 which is a gorgeous color and came from my awesome swap buddy!

Red Carpet Lacquer Grifter

I didn't want to take off Nail Inc Battersea Park so I just added Red Carpet Lacquer Grifter. Glitter is perfect for when you are feeling lazy. I bought a couple of the Clue Collection colors and I'm looking forward to playing with them. More nail polish!!

I bought this from Red Carpet Lacquer

Nails Inc Battersea Park

I really like this green. The formula is divine and it's murky but still has a bright quality to it.

Nails by Laura Black and White Ball

I updated the Jessica Spring 2012 Awakening post. The bottles I received were labelled incorrectly and since I didn't receive any PR information I just assumed they were correct. They weren't. I fixed the post to show the correct (I hope) names for each polish. Thanks to the commenter for alerting me.

I have to stay off Etsy. I ran across Nails by Laura and saw that she has a few black and white glitter polishes. I am a sucker for black and white glitters! This looks like Cover Band Sticks 'n Stones but Black & White Ball has a clear base. I really like it! Also, she shipped the polish in a sweet little hat box - very nice touch. If you are looking for a way to satisfy a craving for a black and white glitter I highly recommend this one. 

I bought this from Nails by Laura and she has a Facebook page. I am wearing it over Diamond Cosmetics Plum-Crazy for You. I'm not happy with these photos. The purple is a day old and looking a bit worn. I'm going to have to re-visit this glitter. 

Addendum: Jessica Cosmetcs Spring 2012 Awakening Collection

I played a bit more with the polishes from the Jessica Awakening collection and wanted to show how I actually wore them. They all work really well for stamping and nail art. 

Flutter stamped with Sunrise using Red Angel plate RA-108. Let's ignore the smeared pinkie finger. Thank you. 

I bought a set of dotting tools. Finally! I'm going to put dots on everything! Here is Monarch as a base and Flutter and Soar dots. 

Here is Soar stamped with Bundle Monster plate BM-202 using a lilac metallic polish and purple glitter  for the dots. 

Jessica Cosmetcs Spring 2012 Awakening Collection

The Awakening collection from Jessica Cosmetics is the Spring 2012 offering. All six shades have this soft and comfortable feel. They remind me of linens that are a bit old but feel so incredibly good to sleep on because they are so cozy and well worn. Some of the colors remind me of colors from the Zoya Feel collection. Most have a great formula and dry shiny. The colors aren't unique and it's not a ground breaking or exciting collection but I have to admit that I like it as a whole. 

Soar is a lovely warm rosey beige nude. It's very flattering on me. This reminds me of Zoya Kennedy. Two coats for this one. 

Sky High is a faded periwinkle blue with a hint of grey. Pretty and it reminds me of Zoya Kristen. Two coats. 

Flutter looks like chocolate milk the way I drink it. Yum! Two coats. 

Monarch is a darker taupe with hints of a green undertone on me. In some lights I see grey. Two coats. 

Wing It is a yellow beige nude type of color. Formula was a bit thick on this one but thinner will fix that. Reminds me of Zoya Farah. Three coats for this one. 

Sunrise is a lovely orange with silver shimmer woven through it. This is my favorite of the group and it's the only non-creme. It almost looks like it has a hint of pink to the base but it's warm looking. Two coats for this but I could have done one. 

Disclosure: This product was sent for review and can be purchased from Jessica Cosmetics

Candeo Colors Rittenhouse

I was born in Philadelphia, PA and have decided that I will die here. I love this city and that includes all it's negative aspects but it's a great city. Whenever a nail polish is named after Philly itself or an area of the city or even a landmark I have to buy it. It doesn't happen often to tell the truth. Which is why I own Candeo Colors Rittenhouse. This polish is named after the Rittenhouse Square area of Philly but we natives just call it Rittenhouse. It's a pretty area. The squirrels are bold and I believe that they use that park as headquarters for their world domination planning. Evil little bastards. Ah, I love this city. 

This polish does not photograph well but I think the next time I wear it I will thin it and layer it over another color. It's not as oatmeal looking in reality and I like it but I don't love it. The only reason I bought it was because it's part of the Philadelphia collection. The other two from that collection are awesome! 

Candeo Colors has moved out of etsy and to a new site here. Can't wait for her to open up! Candeo Colors can also be found on Facebook. 

Smackdown: Essie She's Picture Perfect vs Sinful Zeus

A request. They are nothing alike so owning both is okay. I have to say that I am partial to Sinful Zeus. The shimmer is more pronounced compared to Essie She's Picture Perfect

Smackdown: Lynnderella Mercury's Rainbow vs. All That Glitters Space Rock

These are not exact dupes but I think they are close enough to be kissing cousins. I actually prefer Space Rock over Mercury's Rainbow because it has a clear base which means I can wear it over all sorts of colors making it more versatile. The fine shimmer in the base of Space Rock sparkles as much as the bigger pieces of glitter. I really, really like them both but Space Rock wins for me. This may help if have been wanting the Lynnderella. 

You can purchase All That Glitters Space Rock from her etsy shop. Lynnderella is sold through llarowe through a wishlist system. 

Lots of photos and I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. The photos can be enlarged so feel free to click on them. 

Alone. Space Rock is one coat and Mercury's Rainbow is about three. 

Over a deep charcoal and here is where they look like kissing cousins. 

Over a light grey. 

Under a cooler light.