Jessica Cosmetcs Spring 2012 Awakening Collection

The Awakening collection from Jessica Cosmetics is the Spring 2012 offering. All six shades have this soft and comfortable feel. They remind me of linens that are a bit old but feel so incredibly good to sleep on because they are so cozy and well worn. Some of the colors remind me of colors from the Zoya Feel collection. Most have a great formula and dry shiny. The colors aren't unique and it's not a ground breaking or exciting collection but I have to admit that I like it as a whole. 

Soar is a lovely warm rosey beige nude. It's very flattering on me. This reminds me of Zoya Kennedy. Two coats for this one. 

Sky High is a faded periwinkle blue with a hint of grey. Pretty and it reminds me of Zoya Kristen. Two coats. 

Flutter looks like chocolate milk the way I drink it. Yum! Two coats. 

Monarch is a darker taupe with hints of a green undertone on me. In some lights I see grey. Two coats. 

Wing It is a yellow beige nude type of color. Formula was a bit thick on this one but thinner will fix that. Reminds me of Zoya Farah. Three coats for this one. 

Sunrise is a lovely orange with silver shimmer woven through it. This is my favorite of the group and it's the only non-creme. It almost looks like it has a hint of pink to the base but it's warm looking. Two coats for this but I could have done one. 

Disclosure: This product was sent for review and can be purchased from Jessica Cosmetics

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