About Me

I get questions and sometimes the same questions. I thought I would do a little "About Me" page for those that are curious.

How many bottles of polish do you have? 
Enough to paint my nails with a different color every day for about 7 years. Give or take a few days.

Why do you have so much polish? 
Because I have nothing better to do with my money.

How many Helmers do you have? 
Five shiny red cabinets of goodness and one Alex. I'm working on a way to get a sixth to work.

How often do you paint your nails? 
Every day.

What is your manicure routine? How do you get your nails to grow? 
I use my nails as tools. I don't wear gloves to clean or do dishes. I use nail clippers to trim them down. I don't use a glass file since I don't like them. I'm not the best person to give nail care advice since I don't treat them as jewels. I'm lucky to have good nails with the only issue being dryness. I swear by Seche Recondition and since using it (I'm on my fourth bottle) I have had no dryness issues and my nails are in near perfect condition. I also love Zoya+ and moisturize a number times through the day. That is all I do and that makes me feel as if I should apologize.

How do you clean-up after polishing? 
I don't. What you see in photos is what you get. I have a pretty steady hand and it's rare that I need to clean-up any mistakes. Again, I'm sorry.

What top coat do you use?
I have a few that I like. China Glaze Fast Forward, Orly In A Snap, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat and NYC In A New York Minute. I avoid Seche Vite as much as I can. I go through top coat pretty quickly so I like to use products that are inexpensive and easy to get.

Can you buy me (insert nail polish) for me? Can I buy (insert nail polish) from you? Can I have (insert nail polish) since you don't seem to like it? 

Can you put me on your blog list? 
Sure. Feel free to put your blog in the comments so readers and I can find it. I will delete your comment if you are shilling or I think your blog is not audience worthy.

What do you look like? You should post a photo.
I look like a human female and I won't post a photo. And no I won't show you my feet.

How many cats do you have? Why do you have so many cats?
Too many. I have so many because I am creating an army.
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