Catrice Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle is an olive green with very subtle shimmer. It's green which always makes me happy.

Essie School of Hard Rocks

A dusty military-esque blue based green creme. Wonderful formula and I so love the Essie brush.

Misa Surreal Escape

I posted Phazers on Stunning (awesome!) already and decided to show the rest. It's a great collection and makes me love Misa even more. The only formula issue I had was the sheer factor of the duochromes. I don't mind that because I tend to expect duochromes to be sheer.

Beyond Infinity. A smokey blue with subtle shimmer.

Shields Up. This needs to be worn over another color. It's too sheer for me to wear alone. It's a duochrome that has light purple and green flashes with silver sparkles.

Grey Matters. Look at the speckles! Look! It's a space rock.

Spaced Out. More space rock but a bit darker.

The Great Green Whatsit. Love the name of this. The color flashes from blues to greens with sparkles. This one is sheer as well and will be better over a base color.

I bought this collection at a shop here but it's available at Head2Toe and for those interested.

Orly Lucky Duck

A green creme. Not much else to say about it. It's green so I like it.

Revlon Starry Pink

I don't like this color on me but I like the polish. I like to think I will tweak it to a color more of my liking but in reality it will probably sit in a Helmer drawer. Reality is so harsh sometimes.

Revlon Girly

Such an interesting polish. It's a cross between a foil and a suede finish. This is from the Edgy Elegance collection. I only needed one coat and top coat doesn't change the finish. I'm enjoying it.

Nars Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey was offered during the recent New York Fashion Night Out event. It is also the Holiday 2011 nail polish offering along with Endless Night. I was lucky enough to find both on Ebay about two months ago. I bought them knowing nothing about them except that they were cheap and I didn't own them. *sniff* I love a happy ending.

Space Odyssey is a shimmery silver foil. Lovely but not unique. A wee bit let down that this is what Nars decided to put out for a holiday color. I would love to see Outremer (the eye shadow) as a nail polish. I think that would be stunning!

Misa Phazers on Stunning

This is from the new collection, Surreal Escape. Sneaky Misa, putting out a new collection by surprise. An amazing collection too! You can see swatches of the entire collection by Scrangie here.

Phazers on Stunning is a vibrant green with a strong red flash and little sparkles. The green is very vibrant and the red flash is strong. The sparkles give it this twinkle light effect that is really nice. This polish should be experienced to appreciate all of its greatness. The whole collection is pretty sweet. I bought mine at a little shop here and so glad I did!

Nubar Indigo Illusion

I love this polish. Lots of photos because it deserves them.

Orly Nite Owl

I feel bad for Nite Owl. It seems to get overshadowed by Fowl Play when it shouldn't. This is a gorgeous nude/taupe/stone color with woven shimmer that gives it a sense of texture. It's really a lovely polish with a nice formula. Good job Orly!

NYX Girls Gilded Gold

This is what my mind sees when I think of a gold leaf topcoat. I love this polish. I think this may move into my top 20. This is one coat over CND Dark Amethyst.

You can see CND Effect in 24K Sheer Sparkle here if you want to compare them over the same color. Or you can check out a quick comparison of Gilded Gold and 24K Sheer Sparkle below.

Blurry but you can see the difference well here.

LA Girl Glitter Addict Explosion

Slowly wearing the LA Girl Glitter Addict polishes. I'm enjoying them. Explosion has two different sizes of silver glitter. One coat over a nude and it's very ethereal. The best part is that they aren't a huge hassle to remove. Sweet!