Color Club Antiquated

From the promo photo I thought Antiquated would be gold. It's not which I'm pleased about. It's not a straight silver and it's not a rose gold. It's like Color Club took a silver metallic foil and added a drop of rose gold to it. I'm calling it a blush silver. I really like it and the formula is wonderful. I only needed one coat and it dries quick and shiny without top coat. The Foil collection is going to work really well for stamping. I'm glad I was feeling greedy and bought them all.

You can see in the photos how it shifts a bit from looking more golden-ish to leaning toward more silver-ish. Well, I can see it anyway.

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Johanna (Paillette) September 3, 2011 at 11:30 AM

I loooove foils!!!!
This one is so elegant!!

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