Barielle Sweet Addiction

I'm not a sweet/chocolate fan. Salt all the way for me! I do have a weakness for Smarties though. If you want to suck up to me you can send me Smarties. I bribe easily. This polish does not remind me of candy but it is sweet. It's the green version of Misa Dirty Sexy Money. It's a soft dusty jade green that's not pastel or light. Yum! This doesn't get as much love as I think it should. Ah, when I rule the world things are going to change!

Lightbox (still playing with it) and this is what it looks like in bright shade.

Non lightbox and what it looks like in bright sunshine.

S-he 437

Why no names? Why numbers? This forces me to name it and I always come up with something esoteric or simple because I can't think of anything. But, ah! Not with this one. This one I am naming Birch Beer because it reminds me of a really big and cold glass of Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer. I haven't had it since I was a kid but the first drink would make me belch in a loud and gross way. That image isn't very attractive (funny though) but this polish is stunning. I got it in a swap with the Mistress of Did Someone Say Nail Polish?. The reason why I love to swap - new toys!

Anyway, this is a deep russet red with flecks of shimmer. Now I want some birch beer. I wonder if I can still belch that way?

Craked Grey Duotone

The best part about crackle polish, for me, is doing a duotone look. It reminds me of leather. Actually it reminds me of this huge faux leather recliner we had growing up. I would hide behind it (while drawing on the walls) and spy on my brother while he smooched his girlfriends. Great blackmail material since he was dating sisters and they had no clue. *snicker*

This is Barry M Grey with China Glaze Cracked Concrete. I have found that crackle loves thinner. I advise adding a few drops if you are having issues with the polish cracking. It makes a difference.

Smackdown: American Apparel Cameo Blue vs Butter London Blagger

I thought they would match but they don't. Cameo Blue is dustier and softer where Blagger is deeper and more vivid. Both have a great formula and a shiny creamy finish. They do seem to compliment each other but they are not dupes. I can't pick a winner so I am proclaiming a draw. If you are a blue lover you need them both - don't question me!

Close up of them.

Golden Rose Multi Dimensions 17

Holy wow! This packs a punch for such a little bottle of polish. Stunning. It's a luscious golden red with tons of sparkle and life. I thought it would be close to OPI Smitten With Mittens but it's more golden and tons more shimmery. It really is a gorgeous polish. I bought this at Golden Rose.

This is one coat over China Glaze Ravishing Dahling. It's so pretty it makes me shiver.

Butter London Blagger

This didn't thrill me in the bottle but once on the nail I really liked it. It's a cobalt/lapis blue that only needs one coat. It really is a stunning blue and if you like OPI Dating A Royal you will like this one. They are not the same but are familiar to each other.

I made a little lightbox but I'm not sure how I feel about the photos taken inside of it. I used it with Ancient Jade and it seems to work really well for creme polishes (less glare) but not anything with shimmer/sparkle.

I added OPI Shimmer & Simmer as an accent. It looks like I put a matte topcoat over the OPI and I like that you can really see the color of the glitter. I'm a huge fan of detail photos.

Here it is not in the lightbox. You can see the shimmer and depth of the glitter that is missed when using the lightbox.

Any thoughts or opinions on the lightbox shots? I'm a bit torn on it.

Sally Hansen Nail Prims in Bronze Ruby

Bronze Ruby is like OPI's La Boheme and Man of La Mancha had a baby. It's a bronze ruby with twinkle shimmer that flashes green and gold. In the photos it shows more bronze but in real life it leans more ruby with a bronze flash/glow. This is one coat over American Apparel Port. Really lovely and has a wonderful chemical smell. Which is what polish should smell like and not rotten candy. I'm looking at you Revlon!

Here you can see the flashing twinkle shimmer. You should probably click the image to see it bigger. It's worth it.

Revlon Not So Blueberry

Oh God! The smell! Get it off! Get it off! Ack! Ugh! Ew!

That was my reaction to this. I put it on and took one photo and had to take it off ASAP. It smells like I put a bunch of sickly sweet blueberry bubble gum on my fingers. That is with topcoat too! The color is a bit too frosty for my taste but the smell!

Evil smelly polish! And not the good smelly either. If you want it drop me an email and I'll send the stink off to you. I don't want it to contaminant my other bottles of polish.

Orly Ancient Jade

I had no plans to get any of the new Orly colors. Nothing really jumped out at me but my Dad bought me this.

Dad - I had alligator gumbo today.
Me - Yeah? Did you like it?
Dad - It tasted like pork.
Me - What type of pork?
Dad - General pork flavor. I liked it. It's better than snake and rabbit gumbo. More meat compared to a squirrel.
Me - Ah, Dad. You are the Dr. Dolittle of death.
Dad - *glares* I went to that lady store that sells nail paint.
Me - What?
Dad - You know, that store named after a lady.
Me - Sally?
Dad - Yes. I bought you a green since you like it but this is a more lady like green and not a snot green like you wear. The woman there said it was new.
Me - I don't wear snot green. Snot green is too pale. I prefer a more army green.
Dad - You should wear Air Force blue. I was in the Air Force you know.
Me - And fought the dinosaurs when they tried to take over America. What polish did you get me?
Dad - Here. Smartass.

I like it. It's no too stark but is still soft. I needed three coats but it smoothed itself out as it settled. It's pretty and, like my Dad said, is lady like but still green. It has a very vintage feel and reminds me of old Pyrex.

Misa Pretty with Konad M70

I broke a nail. Well actually I was playing with Thom and wasn't paying attention and he took a chunk out of a fingernail. I'm so abused. I went with Misa Pretty as the base and used black to stamp with Konad plate M70 and added little silver glitter dots.

I think it's cute and it makes me feel better about having to file all my nails down to match the chewed one. And I want to say that I am really lusting after the XL stamping plates from Chez-Delaney. Ooo!

Finger Paints Easel-y Entertained

This isn't blue. It's a deep night violet with glitter. Purple's are difficult to photograph true to color so I tweaked this in Photoshop and it is 98% accurate. To my eye anyway. It's so pretty but it needs at least three coats. I think it is worth it but I think a base color would work too.


Golden Rose Holographic 108: Grey Holo

I love holo polishes. I bought a few from Golden Rose and I was expecting to be not so happy with them. Well I am happy with them which makes the world a better place for all of humanity. Great service from them too. I had my package in under three days and everything was wrapped really well. Price is good too at $2.19 a bottle. They are small at 6ml a bottle but I don't care! This is a great option if you are looking for an inexpensive holo polish. Shipping is free with orders over $20 (take that Butter London!) and they take Paypal. I may order more because I'm greedy like that.

They don't have names but are numbered instead. This is number 108 (non Paris holo) and it is a grey holo. I layered it over Nubar Palisade and only needed one coat. You can easily wear it alone with two/three coats. I'm very pleased. Look at it's holo goodness!