Nfu-Oh 62

I decided to swatch all of the Nfu-Oh holo polishes. I think it would be nice to have photos of what they look like as opposed to numbers. Well that and they are just amazing examples of holo goodness!

You can see 61 here. This one is 62. It's a pinkish taupe and the holo is just as in your face as 61.

This is the base color.

This is the holo indoors.

The holo!

Bundle Monster BM01

I bought the Bundle Monster set of 21 plates because it was a really good deal and they had some interesting images. I don't own a ton of Konad plates because most of the images don't interest me. I prefer more abstract images and patterns. I got them and was pleased. I decided to swatch each plate and post photos.

My thoughts - some of the images transfer better than others. I am not a novice so I don't think it is me. Also the full size images are going to be too small for some people and they will need to stamp twice. They are the perfect size for me so I like them but I have small nails. The back is not covered by anything so be careful handling them when removing the film that is covering the images. For $17.99 I think they are fun. I hope they come out with more and give Konad some competition.

The plate.

Nfu-Oh 61

Nfu-Oh 61 - an amazing holo. AMAZING! The Aqua Base makes a huge difference on how it goes on and the wear. Though, don't expect to get days and days of wear out of it.

The photos speak for themselves. If you enjoy holo polishes and don't have this one - get it!

Sally Hansen Silver Lining

Silver Lining is a new(ish) color from the Complete Manicure line. I had a coupon and there was a sale so I picked it up. It doesn't look like much in the bottle and it is sheer so I layered it over a silver. Wow! It's very ice queen in looks. It has little blue bits of glitter. I didn't think I was going to like it but I do. It's one of those polishes where I keep looking at my nails.

Ice, ice baby!

A Few Finger Paints

These are a few that don't look like much in the bottle but once on the nail they are pretty sweet! Finger Paints has added some really amazing colors to their core line - like a few greens! They have a wonderful formula and dried pretty fast considering it is 1,000 degrees here!

Hue Rang?

Art You Blue?

Art of Theft.

Pretty aren't they?

Funky Fingers Hampton Collection

I tend to usually like Funky Fingers because they have fun and inexpensive polishes. I like this collection but I don't love it. I think the colors combined make a nice collection but they aren't unique or unusual. The formula on some was a bit of a pain but I tend to expect that from paler/pastel type polishes. A little thinner will take care of those issues. It is a bit of a let down considering their last collection was awesome.

You can see in some of the photos that I had some bald spots and such. Not the best formula on these. I think Funky Fingers should stick to glitters, foils and holos.

The collection consists of five colors:

Violet's Vineyard - dusty violet
Mint Me in Montauk - vibrant lime green
Daiquiri on the Deck - cantaloupe peach
Cottage Stripes - dusty periwinkle
Southampton Seafoam - seafoam pastel

Now I had planned on doing these in the sun but when I went out to the yard there was this massive bug flying around. I ran back into the house squealing like a girl and used my Ott.

Violet's Vineyard.

Mint Me in Montauk.

Daiquiri on the Deck.

Cottage Stripes.

Southampton Seafoam. I'm going to mess with this one a bit. I think it will look great as a jelly.


I saw a display of this brand in CVS the other day. They seemed to have the usual pinks, red and oranges but they also had some glitters. I only bought two since they are the only colors that caught my eye. The rest seemed to be the same old same old. They were $1.99 and they are nice formula wise.

My Favorite Martian. It's green and the name is perfect, of course I had to get this one! It's a vibrant shimmery grass green. It reminds me of SpaRitual Illusion in a way. Not a dupe but in the same family. It's very nice!

Smitten is an indigo with little bits of pink and purple/blue shimmer. Has that OPI Ink feel to it. Or Russian Navy. I always get those two mixed up in my head!

Smackdown: Avon Jade vs OPI Damone Roberts 1968

I am not a huge mint fan but I do like jade green colors. They are more flattering to me and tend to not make my fingers look red. Besides Chanel Jade, Avon Jade and OPI Damone Roberts 1968 are two really lovely examples of jade green. They both have this soft diffused look on the nails and they both remind me of Jadeite. I decided to compare the two to see how similiar they are to each other.

Avon Jade. Wow, Avon you are rockin the cool colors lately. The formula on this was a dream. It went on smooth and in two coats. It self leveled as it dried and there was no streaking. The formula is a bit thick but not too thick that I couldn't work with it. I can see it needing thinner in the future. I honestly have no complaints and for the price it is a steal!

OPI Damone Roberts 1968 is/was an exclusive to Damone Roberts. Now I am not a fan of the OPI wide brush but this one is both thick and round and scraggly. I think I may have gotten a wonky brush which is annoying. The formula is thin and thick at the same time and it went on a bit streaky. I wouldn't have had so many issues if the brush didn't stink. The color is so worth it though. Just lovely.

Now to compare them. Left to right (top to bottom) they are Avon, OPI, Avon, OPI.

Close up with Avon on the left and OPI on the right.

The OPI is a more true jade color with the Avon being a bit darker. The formula on the Avon kicks OPI's butt. So for color OPI wins and for formula the Avon wins. If I could get a non-pro wide brush for this OPI (and all of my pro-wide OPI colors) I would be a happy camper.