IBD Spectacular Sights Glitter in Mystical Sea

This glitter is awesome. Truly, truly awesome. Mystical Sea is from IBD and it's made to be mixed with nail gel and clear acrylic and applied onto the nail. But it's a fine loose glitter so I just sprinkled it over a coat of black creme. WOW! It reminds me very, very much of Street Wear Fx Green. It's very sparkly and flashes gold/copper and green and blue. Over white it takes on a violet base with sparks of gold, blue and green which is what it looks like in the jar but it kicks butt over black.

I found this gem in a little supply place here but Head2Toe sells it and it can be had on Ebay as well. The jar is 3.5g and you do not need much. A little sprinkle over each nail or you can dip the nail. I did pour some into a base to make a topcoat but it bled within minutes. I suggest just sprinkling it over the nail. I did apply a non-quick dry topcoat before my quick dry and it dried smooth to the touch. Also, it removes easily!

Check it out this amazing must have glitter. I mean it - go buy it!

Sephora by OPI Are You Glistenin?

This is from a four bottle set that you can see here. I've been craving glitter so I bought it. It's a dense glitter and it looks like hammered silver on the nails. It's very crisp and icy.

It looks like this polish is exclusive to the set. Don't be sad though! It's a pretty spot on dupe of OPI Crown Me Already which can be had as a single polish and cheaper than what Sephora by OPI polishes retail for.

Nubar Vogue Vert

Ah, the weather man said snow possible tonight. A dusting but it's still snow. Bring it on! I love snow and I have snacks so I am prepared. SNOW!

This is such a lovely, lovely polish. It's a soft slightly dusty light jade green creme. I'm not a huge fan of most soft pastel type greens because they tend to be too stark or too cool or they make my skin look overly red/pink. This is on the warmer side with enough yellow to avoid the red skin. I really like this one and if you find most soft greens not to your taste this may be a good one to try.

Great formula and I can see this working really well as a base for some layering and stamping.

Nails Inc The Wyndham Overglaze

My birthday is in November so I took advantage of the Sephora Friends & Family sale and picked up a few goodies. My birthday present to myself. It's no donkey but a big old Sephora box is just as good. I bought all three of the Nail Inc flake sets and decide to wear The Wyndham first. This set comes with Kensington which is a dark, dark teal creme but I grabbed Chelsea (from the Donmar collection) which is a vampy raisin/plum by mistake. I just went with it since I already started to paint my nails. Lazy = me.

The Wyndham has a clear base with green flakes that flash blue. Pretty. The formula seems a tad thinner compared to Nfu-Oh (39 I think would be its equivalent) but great flake payoff with one coat. Levels really well as it dries and it's shiny!

Happy early Birthday to me!

Finger Paints Holiday 2011 Merry & Bright Collection: The Glitters

The Merry & Bright collection from Finger Paints has three glitters. Not totally unique but they do seem to have a sort of industrial quality to them. All of them have a heavier look to them and aren't a fine glitter. They look like shaved/grated metal pieces on the nail.

Frosty Night. A silver glitter in a clear base. I wore it over a plummy creme. It would look great over a black.

Drummber Boy. A blue glitter in a clear base. This is a perfect holiday season blue to me. It reminds me of the blue that is in silver and blue wrapping paper. So that is how I wore it the first time.

And over a sky blue.

Santa Kisses. A red glitter in a clear base. This one was denser compared to the other two. I decided to wear it over a red creme because I do love a sparkly red nail. This looks like a pair of ruby slippers.

The Merry & Bright collection will be available online and in stores starting November from Sally Beauty Supply. This collection was sent to me for review.

Finger Paints Holiday 2011: Winter Sky

I had the chance to see YSL's Wintergreen in person. It's a beautiful polish in the bottle but not so much on the nail. The shimmer is very, very subtle and the color is darker than I wanted. It's what I call a display polish. While I was applying Winter Sky I realized that this is what I wanted YSL Wintergreen to be - a lighter but still dark teal with obvious shimmer. They are not dupes but this totally sates my lust for Wintergreen.

Gorgeous formula and a really beautiful color. I do find it to be the odd man out in the group but Winter Sky and Comet's Collar are my picks from Merry & Bright collection. I did get some minor staining when removing it but applying some cuticle remover all over the nail took care of any staining.

The Merry & Bright collection will be available online and in stores starting November from Sally Beauty Supply. This collection was sent to me for review which tickles me to no end!

Finger Paints Holiday 2011: Comet's Collar

Comet's Collar is from the Holiday 2011 Merry & Bright collection. I'm spreading this collection out over a few posts. I started with this one and I really, really like it. Really.

Comet's Collar is a pale golden green with tons of shimmer and it's like having twinkle lights on the nails. A few of the images are blurred to see the multi-colored shimmer better. It's a nice surprise on the nail. I wore it over a green creme since it's a bit sheer. No problems with the formula but I rarely do with Finger Paints. If you plan on checking this color out I highly suggest you check out their green selection. They have some great ones!

The Merry & Bright collection will be available online and in stores starting November from Sally Beauty Supply. This collection was sent to me for review which is always nice!

CND The Plum Truffle Collection

The Plum Truffle collection is the holiday 2011 offering from CND. Collection is a stretch since it is two polishes - Plum Truffle (creme) and Plum Truffle Sparkle Effect. Plum Truffle is a basic plum creme that is a bit on the lighter side of the plum spectrum. Plum Truffle Sparkle Effect is a very fine pink glitter that gives a light touch of sparkle.

I'm a huge fan of CND and really enjoy the Effect polishes but this is boring. The formula on both are good so no complaint on that end. It's the colors that are "eh" especially for a holiday collection. There are a number of plum polishes and pink glitter isn't that rare either. If you want a great pink glitter I highly suggest checking out SpaRitual Clarity.

Overall I don't think this set is a must have and if you are going to get a set I suggest the CND The Look: Fall/Winter 2011 collection. That set is worth the price of admission.

I bought this at Nailsupplies.us.

Plum Truffle. Ah, macro is so unforgiving. Pardon the sloppy application.

Plum Truffle Sparkle Effect over Plum Truffle.

Butter London Yummy Mummy

A really lovely nude for me. It's not flashy and has subtle pearl shimmer. I have a thing for nude type colors. Not as strong a thing I have for green but still strong. I pick these type of colors when I draw a complete blank on what to wear.

Santee Red Speckle

I like this one but I like red polishes. It looks lush and sexy on the nails. You can find Santee on Ebay for cheap which is always nice. I like a cheap thrill.

Nina Ultra Pro Glamrock

This is so nice that I added a bottle to the giveaway!

A charcoal with silver hex glitter. No need to layer it over anything since it's opaque and just two coats were needed. A nice little surprise from a recent Sally trip.

Orly Bubbly Bombshell

This may look purple in some photos but it isn't. It's a deep bright magenta. It does photograph purple so I did some tweaking and what you see is what I see when I look at my nails. It looks very much like Nubar Petunia Sparkle.

A bright happy color for my newly trimmed nails. A few things pushed me to file them down. I snapped one when my hand slipped opening a drawer. Oh, the cursing that I did when that happened. I poked myself in the eye with another. I set one on fire while lighting a candle. Good times. *sigh*