IBD Spectacular Sights Glitter in Mystical Sea

This glitter is awesome. Truly, truly awesome. Mystical Sea is from IBD and it's made to be mixed with nail gel and clear acrylic and applied onto the nail. But it's a fine loose glitter so I just sprinkled it over a coat of black creme. WOW! It reminds me very, very much of Street Wear Fx Green. It's very sparkly and flashes gold/copper and green and blue. Over white it takes on a violet base with sparks of gold, blue and green which is what it looks like in the jar but it kicks butt over black.

I found this gem in a little supply place here but Head2Toe sells it and it can be had on Ebay as well. The jar is 3.5g and you do not need much. A little sprinkle over each nail or you can dip the nail. I did pour some into a base to make a topcoat but it bled within minutes. I suggest just sprinkling it over the nail. I did apply a non-quick dry topcoat before my quick dry and it dried smooth to the touch. Also, it removes easily!

Check it out this amazing must have glitter. I mean it - go buy it!

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