CND The Plum Truffle Collection

The Plum Truffle collection is the holiday 2011 offering from CND. Collection is a stretch since it is two polishes - Plum Truffle (creme) and Plum Truffle Sparkle Effect. Plum Truffle is a basic plum creme that is a bit on the lighter side of the plum spectrum. Plum Truffle Sparkle Effect is a very fine pink glitter that gives a light touch of sparkle.

I'm a huge fan of CND and really enjoy the Effect polishes but this is boring. The formula on both are good so no complaint on that end. It's the colors that are "eh" especially for a holiday collection. There are a number of plum polishes and pink glitter isn't that rare either. If you want a great pink glitter I highly suggest checking out SpaRitual Clarity.

Overall I don't think this set is a must have and if you are going to get a set I suggest the CND The Look: Fall/Winter 2011 collection. That set is worth the price of admission.

I bought this at

Plum Truffle. Ah, macro is so unforgiving. Pardon the sloppy application.

Plum Truffle Sparkle Effect over Plum Truffle.

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jeannie October 21, 2011 at 11:08 AM

the only Effects collection I've skipped is the red glitter one from this like that, just plain old glitter instead of a real "effect?"

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