LA Splash Oyster Pink

Has a polish looked so different from the bottle that you wondered if it was magic? Oyster Pink is like that and a huge wonderful surprise. This looks nothing like the bottle once it is on the nail. Here is a bottle shot. Looks okay - a sheer pink base with golden glitter.

Now on the nail it transforms into a glitter that acts like a flake polish. It has pink, copper, blue, green and it's sweet. This is one coat over a dark grey. Really and truly nothing at all what it looks like in the bottle.

I like being surprised. It makes me feel less jaded.

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Sparkly Vernis October 6, 2011 at 2:35 PM

Yeap that's what most Pa look like, it's why I love that brand (A119 looks like that LASplash), love your swatches!

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