Reader Request: Essie St. Lucia Lilac

For Millie.

Essie St. Lucia Lilac is a pale lilac creme. I like this one and the formula is a bit better than most pastels. I only needed three coats and it self levels as it dries. It is not the most flattering color on me but I'm still drawn to it for some reason.

This would be awesome if it smelled like lilac. I love the smell of lilac.

Sally Hansen HD in Spectrum

I was lazy and decided to put Sally Hansen's Spectrum over China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea. These are really sweet polishes but sheer. Also, I am 90% sure they are not limited edition. I saw them in the regular Sally Hansen HD display at CVS.

Spectrum is a shimmery/flecky turquoise blue with a slight purple flash. I could not capture the purple flash in photos for some reason. It looks more complex in the bottle as opposed to on the nail. I'm not sure if it is the base color or not so I may have to try it over a darker creme to see what happens.

China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea

I love iced tea, well sweet tea to be exact. I dated a sweet Georgia boy ages ago and his Granny showed me how to make good sweet tea even though I was a Yankee. This polish reminds me of her because her hair was colored this exact blue. She said it matched her eyes - which were brown.

This came from the China Glaze Bahama Blues collection. It is one of my favorite collections. I love all the polishes from it.

Pardon the wear and red hands.

Reader Request: OPI Moon Over Mumbai

For Natalie.

OPI Moon Over Mumbai is a sheer dove grey shimmer with a hint of lavender. I love this color because it's soft and clean without being pastel or stark like a white. It doesn't hurt that it makes my hands look elegant.

The closest colors I could find to OPI Moon Over Mumbai are Essie Great Expectations and Avon Urban Grey. The Avon is a creme and more opaque and a hint lighter. The Essie is a bit more sheer and the shimmer is a bit more pronounced. All three are a very close match.

Essie Great Expectations and OPI Moon Over Mumbai are available at TransDesign. All three can be had from Ebay for between $3 and $5.

Revlon Just Add Sparkle

I wasn't looking for these but I was in Rite Aid getting something with caffeine and made my way over to the polish. They were the last of the bunch and they were on sale and I had a coupon. Score! I passed on the coordinating creme colors because it's not like I don't have those colors in other brands. The cremes were a red, grey, purple and a navy.

They are amazing in the bottle. I swatched them over black and I was dissapointed. I swatched them over silver and I felt a little better. I decided to swatch them over coordinating colors (like they are advertised) and this is where they shined! This Just Add Sparkle collection is really fun and really different for Revlon.

Here they all are in the bottle. Remember to click the photo for a larger image.

Here is Belle over American Apparel Factory Grey.

Here is Galaxy over Maybelline Denim Dash.

Here is Star over China Glaze Grape Pop.

Here is Slipper over OPI Little Red Wagon.

Slipper really is the pick of the bunch in my opinion. It reminds me of something Revlon would have put out in the Street Wear line. I've read that these are not limited edition but I'm not 100% sure.

Zoya - The Greens

I was messing around with the color finder that Zoya has on their site. I searched for greens (duh!) and realized that I have all of the greens that Zoya offers. Opps! So here they are!

Edyta. Oo baby. So hot and so pretty. Such sparkle.

Shawn. Creamy and shiny with a hint of murky.

Envy. A wonderful vampy green.

Irene. So glowy. This looks great over a dark green or black.

Ivanka. Yum! Pictures just don't do this justice.

Midori. This has an amazing golden glow.

Suvi. I love this one. It's dark but not too dark.

Tangy. Such a great name for this one since it is so bright and tangy.

Veruschka. Hunter green, enough said.

I do love me some green.

Savvy - A Few Core Colors

I figured I would post the other Savvy colors I have in my stash.

Ruby Slippers. A glittery red that has a slight jelly look to it. It's a bit deeper compared to China Glaze Ruby Pumps.

Chocolate. I'm not a huge fan of browns but this one is hot! Very vampy.

Red Caviar. A deep merlot red with shimmer.