Deborah Lippmann Edge of Glory

I like New York. It's a great city to visit. To me, it's a great city to walk. I visit about once a year and most times I come back with nothing. My goal is not to buy but to ramble. I tend to visit around this time of the year because the weather is perfect. The one store (besides Saks) I visit is Barneys. It smells so good in there. I came back with the Deborah Lippmann Edge of Glory set. Sucker = me.

It's a set of two polishes - a black creme and a multi-colored flake topcoat. There is nothing hologrpahic about this set and I am a bit bemused that Ms. Lippmann would use that term when she should know better. Ah, marketing! It's a great flake polishes with blue, green, yellow, orange and hints of red. I do not have Cult Nails Clairvoyant (it sold out before I could get it - dammit) but going by photos it's close but I can't say they are dupes because I just don't know. This works for me because I have been craving blue flakes.

Enamel Girl made a great franken that you should check out. If you want to see more photos of the packaging and such you can do that at Valentine Kisses.

You can order this online at Barneys if you have an interest.

Orly Rock The World

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. I got a question about the squirrel and what happened to him. Well, he wanted to become an astronaut so we tied him to a bottle rocket and he was never seen again. It was pretty sweet and my brother and I charged each kid a $1 to watch the launch.

This polish just shines so very much. It satisfies my inner ferret that demands sparkly things. Stunning. A great formula as well. Ah, Orly I have such a crush on you.

OPI Rainbow Connection

I didn't know what polish to wear today (it's my birthday) until my Dad gave me a present. And since I enjoy my little Dad conversations...

Dad: I have a birthday present for you. No it's not a donkey.
Me: I hope it's not a hippo because I don't have the room for one.
Dad: *sigh* It's not alive.
Me: Please tell me you didn't buy me another taxidermy animal?
Dad: That squirrel was cute.
Me: No Dad, that squirrel gave me nightmares.
Dad: Well if you didn't put pants on it.
Me: It had testicles! I was 7! Now you know why I am the way I am.
Dad: It's nature.
Me: A dead stuffed squirrel is nature?
Dad: It was once part of nature so that counts.
Me: If only it had been a donkey.
Dad: I would think that would have upset you.
Me: *blink* And a dead stuffed squirrel wouldn't upset me?
Dad: You think they are evil.
Me: Now I do because that stuffed squirrel was planning my death.
Dad: I'm not paying for therapy.
Me: That's what you said when I would play autopsy with my dolls.
Dad: I want to say you were a precocious child is your present.
Me: Ooo, OPI Rainbow Connection!
Dad: It's really different. I didn't think you had anything like it. Do you?
Me: No, I don't. It really is unique. Thank you!

I used Essie Pretty Edgy and one coat of OPI Rainbow Connection. I topped that with one coat of OPI Funny Bunny which is a sheer/jelly soft white. It reminds me of flower petals or fabric. I really love this one!

Piggy Polish Just Called to Sleigh Hello

I'm annoyed.

Annoyance #1:
Piggy Polish hasn't really been on my radar but a few polishes of late have caught my eye. I decided to order from them. I paid $9 a bottle and after I placed the order I noticed on Ulta they were $7.50. Ok, my fault since I should have looked there first but I had no clue they were cheaper at Ulta. I've never experienced a brand selling at different retail prices especially when buying direct.

Annoyance #2:
I contacted them the day my order shipped because the tracking number wasn't valid. I didn't hear back from them. I tried email (three times), the contact form (two times) on the site and Facebook (which I dislike doing) and never received a reply from any of my contact attempts. I did this over a period of thirteen business days so I gave them time and I don't think I was annoying. I finally received my order and two of the bottles were broken. I didn't contact them because I don't have any faith that they will respond and I don't want to have to wait close to three weeks to receive a replacement. It all leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I can honestly say that I won't order from them again.

Ah, but there are other polishes for me to conquer.

Having said that this is a really great glitter. A bit thick and topcoat hungry but the color and pow factor are stunning. An in your face red glitter with opalescent round glitter and it just sparkles. I like the polish just not my experience.

Precision Poison Ivy

I saw Poison Ivy on Steffels blog and wanted it so very, very badly. She is such a temptress. I contacted Precision and had a great experience with the lovely Sophia. I placed an order and received them quickly and well packed. Sweet! I put this one on first and I love it. It's gorgeous. The formula is smooth and well pigmented without being too thick. The best part is that these photos are without topcoat. I love when a polish lives up to my own mental hype.

Poison Ivy is a very, very welcome addition to the family.

Jessica Cosmetics Shine On Collection

I'm having a mini moment of lust. Irrational lust but I want both sets of the Marc Jacob gloves and Nars nail polish. You can see them here. I love cashmere and I love Nars polish. Oh the angst. Oh the pain. Oh the price! *sigh*


I enjoy these little light bulb polishes. I have a few from previous holiday collections and they are always glittery and sparkly. These year's collection is just as glitzy as I have come to expect. They are just fun and sometimes that is all that is needed for me.

Superstar is a pale golden blond foil. It also has little sparks of shimmer.

Lucky Star has red hex and red small glitter in a clear base.

Starry Night is an amazing glitter. It reminds me very much of IBD Mystical Sea glitter and Revlon Street Wear FX Green. I love this glitter.

This collection was sent to me for review. It is currently available from Jessica online.

Rivka Lilly

I bought this from Paula at Colecao de Esmalte and had a great experience! Paula is such a sweetheart. Wonderful customer service, questions answered quickly even with the time difference and the polish arrived very well packed and in great time. She even kindly picked me up a few bottles of polish that were not on her site. See? A sweetheart! So if you are interested in the Rivka holographic polishes feel free to drop her an e-mail at or you can contact her through her website. I can't recommend her enough.

Now if I could find a source for the Golden Rose metallics that I want. I'm so greedy!

This is Lilly. A soft blue that looks like it has a bit grey in it. It's not stark and is a soft but not invisible holo. Really nice formula. I only needed one coat and had no issue with bald sports or dragging.

Diamond Cosmetics Love Letter

A new color (I think) from Diamond Cosmetics and it's lovely. Not totally unique but I am drawn to this taupe/nude shades for some reason. The shimmer woven throughout leans more golden and the formula is really wonderful. If you like MAC Earthly Harmony, Sally Hansen Fedora, Essie Mochacino, Orly Nite Owl and colors like those then you will like this one. And it's only $2.50 which makes it even better!

Color Club Wild and Willing

This is such an unusual color. It has tones orange, gold, rose, pink and green with lots of twinkling shimmer. I wore it over a deep blue creme and it looks like patina. These photos don't show the massive shimmer of this color. I think all folks who have a weakness for polishes that are unusual need this one.

LeChat Dare To Wear Glammed Up

This polish is beautiful. It's very sparkly and happy and it looks like I dipped my fingers in really fine shattered copper glass. The formula is a bit thin but it builds up well with three coats. I wore one coat over Orly Glam Rock because it's a pretty close match base color wise. It's the copper version of Orly Glitz and Glamour so if you like the shimmer of Glitz and Glamour and the color of Glam Rock you will really like Glammed Up. Personally, I love it!

I got this at Head2Toe.

Ludurana Aurora Boreal in Admiravel

There are a lot of photos in this post but Admiravel is worth it. If you are looking for a unique and complex duochrome polish I highly suggest you pick this one up. Admiravel has green, blue and purple and with those colors you can see different version of themselves like silvery lilac, pale blue, reddish purple and emerald green. It's almost like a mix of individual duochrome polishes mixed to make one - a best of duochrome. It's amazing.

I didn't layer Admiravel over anything and I only needed three thin coats for opaqueness. It's a really stunning polish and worth the $14 price tag. So very worth it. I bought this at llarowe.

Speciallità HITS No Olimpo Holographic in Demeter

People, it's an orange holo polish. Demeter is very, very unique in the world of holo polish. It also has a kick ass formula - no dragging and no bald spots. Just wonderful. I bought this at llarowe.

Orange. Holo.