Layla Magneffect Turquoise Wave

Buying a magnetic polish is way better than making my own. I am glad to see that I got it right. *pats my own back*

My tip when using magnetic polish - shake the bottle. Shake it again. Shake it one more time. The magnetic particles are heavier than the polish so some sink. To get a good magnetic effect you need to shake the hell out of it. If you look at the bottle before shaking it you will see it looks a bit rough and after shaking it (a few times) you will see it has a smoother look. When it looks smoother it's good to go. Do one nail at a time and use the magnet when the polish is wet and fresh. And wait a bit before topcoat or it may smear. That sounds like a lot of work but it really isn't.

My one complaint with the Layla is that the magnet isn't separate but on top of the bottle. I painted a nail and screwed the cap back on and placed it near the nail. I didn't have to put the cap back but I didn't want to worry about polish dripping or getting on something.

Now if someone would come out with different shaped magnets!

I bought this at AveYou.


Sparkly Vernis November 3, 2011 at 9:48 PM

OMG you made a magnetic nail polish from scratch? I read the whole post, that is awesome! I really like this teal one. Thanks for all the tips!

Jessica - RiotDemon November 4, 2011 at 12:47 AM

Try your fridge magnets. I remember reading a post forever ago and each magnet had a differing pattern.

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