GlitterAde: Quenching Thirsty Glitter

I like wearing glitter. I don't mind the removal too much but what really annoys me is when I put on three layers of topcoat and it's still a bit dull looking. You know what I mean! The thirsty glitter or the topcoat eater that stays shiny for a few hours or maybe a day but needs another layer of topcoat at some point to bring back the shine. I usually wind up wearing what feels like 100 layers of polish on my nails. Of course sometimes the polish just pops off because it's so thick. It's just annoying. Plus, it's really rude of the glitter to be so greedy.

Well, I was playing around and discovered a solution that has been working for me. I have a bottle of TBK Trading's Glamour Polish Base (the one for glitter) and filled an empty bottle until it was about 60% full and filled the remainder with my own topcoat mixture. Wow. It works wonderfully. It's on the thick side but applies evenly and it also smooths, fills and levels the glitter. I apply a quick dry topcoat over that and it is like glass. The best part - that glassy look lasts until I take it off. I have named it GlitterAde - get it? A play on words - glitter + Gatorade = GlitterAde the Glitter Thirst Quencher. Ha!

I wanted to show photos but it's hard to show shine versus no-shine but I tried. I used OPI Designer Series Temptation because it is a huge, huge topcoat eater no matter what I did. Brat.

Without topcoat.

With Glamour Base 24 hours and many hand washings later. I didn't apply quick dry topcoat for this because I wanted to test the dry time and wear. Dry time was about 10/15 minutes and it wore really well. It works even better with a quick dry over it. I'm still playing and tweaking but so far so good.

If you happen to have a bottle of the Glamour Base try it over a thirsty glitter. It may work for you.

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Unknown August 7, 2017 at 3:03 PM

Thank you! I had been speculating that this was possible, a thirsty glitter top coat homemade including glitter suspension base. Curiosity eh! It has much to answer for.
Best Wishes, chris : ) x

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