Butter London Black Knight

This is one of the holiday offerings from Butter London. It really shines and sparkles in the sun. Surprisingly, the black base doesn't hide the glitter - it comes through clearly. Is it unique? I think so. I don't think you could get the same look with layering because there is a number of different glitters in Black Knight. You could franken a cousin. Chalkboard Nails has a great post on that here. I think Franken B is a really great version!

Now, I do love the color but the formula. Oh, the formula. It's thick and a bit gummy but thinner fixed things a bit but I dislike having to tweak a new polish. It dries very dull and very rough feeling. This is a thirsty glitter and it needed two coats of my GlitterAde along with quick dry topcoat. That doesn't stop me from loving it because it really is a stunner. I bought this at B-Glowing.

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