Finger Paints Fun-Fetti

Ah, I can now add Finger Paints Fun-Fetti (awesome name!) to my group of confetti polishes. It has a great formula and is filled with small glitter and bigger hex glitter. It's dense so no need to dig around for glitter or wear eight coats of it. It works really well for spot placement which is how I wore it. The base is China Glaze Techno Teal. It's a great manicure to kick off November which is my favorite month because it was the month I was born. I actually like to think of it as the month my parents were blessed with the best thing ever. *snort*

*Fun-Fetti is available at Sally Beauty online and retails for $4.99 and is limited edition. This was sent to me for review but I like to think it was a birthday present from Finger Paints because they love me.*

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