Brucci Sparkling Bordeaux

Did you ever have a craving for something that was so strong you could smell it? I had that craving for marshmallows the other day. I had to have some even though the last time I had a marshmallow I was nine which would be over twenty years ago. So I headed to Rite Aid and bought a bag. They are so gross and yet so good. I think I may make myself sick on them. I did discover that Thom likes them. Odd since I read that cats don't taste sweet but he seems to taste something that he likes. I had to hide them.

I also discovered a newly stocked Brucci display with some new colors. Sparkling Bordeaux was one of them. I can't resist a sparkly red and this one is lovely. A deep wine red with glitter that is on the small scale so it looks like little lights on the nail. This looks like something BB Couture would create. It's very festive and a great formula.

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