Jessica Cosmetics Shine On Collection

I'm having a mini moment of lust. Irrational lust but I want both sets of the Marc Jacob gloves and Nars nail polish. You can see them here. I love cashmere and I love Nars polish. Oh the angst. Oh the pain. Oh the price! *sigh*


I enjoy these little light bulb polishes. I have a few from previous holiday collections and they are always glittery and sparkly. These year's collection is just as glitzy as I have come to expect. They are just fun and sometimes that is all that is needed for me.

Superstar is a pale golden blond foil. It also has little sparks of shimmer.

Lucky Star has red hex and red small glitter in a clear base.

Starry Night is an amazing glitter. It reminds me very much of IBD Mystical Sea glitter and Revlon Street Wear FX Green. I love this glitter.

This collection was sent to me for review. It is currently available from Jessica online.

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