SpaRitual Conglomerate

Conglomerate is from the Fall 2012 Rock collection and SpaRitual describes it as "Charcoal rock glitter infused with Rhyolite" which really isn't accurate and is kind of silly. What the hell is rock glitter? I want some! The polishes from the Rock collection are all infused with Rhyolite like the Gold collection was infused with gold. The infused thing makes it sound fancy but not as fancy as the giveaway!

In reality, Conglomerate is a murky greenish color with golden shimmer and little round black and white glitter pieces. It's different and a bit unattractive and the formula is a bit thick and fluffy but I kind of like it. I would have liked to have seen the glitter in a lighter base or in a clear base to wear it over any color. Still, it's an interesting color and not to the taste of everyone. 

I bought this from AveYou.

Here it is in natural light and in the shade. The shimmer isn't as pronounced but the glitter shows well. 

Nails Inc Special Effects Sprinkles Collection

Have you checked out the giveaway?

I wasn't sure if I would purchase these because they seem to be more of a novelty but I'm glad I did. They all have a great formula and the bottle color translates to the nail extremely well. I think Nails Inc did a great job with this collection. I may not reach for them often but I will wear them again. 

I purchased these from Sephora and if you plan to as well I highly suggest going through Ebates and getting 8% back on your purchase. Cha-ching! 

Sweets Way is a surprise because I think it may be my favorite. I like the clean and dreamy look it has on the nail. It's fun and oddly elegant. 

Sugar House Lane is my other favorite. It really is kind of ugly but that's why I like it. It reminds me of lumpy chocolate milk. I shook my fingers at a cat and the polish pooled a bit which is why it looks lumpy on my ring finger. Opps. 

Pudding Lane has an ocean look to it with the shades of blue. It's very bright and cheery. 

Topping Lane is pink. I don't hate it but it's my least favorite. My Dad, however, loved it but he thinks it's red. 

China Glaze New Bohemian Collection: Quick Swatches

Ooo, guess who got nail polish in the mail? Guess who is unimpressed? ME! Oh, have you checked out the giveaway?

I thought I would show the quick swatches that I did of the New Bohemian collection so you can get an idea of what they look like. I can't call them a traditional duochrome but they do have a soft metallic/chrome finish and any color shift is very soft and very, very subtle. The formula is thin on all except Deviantly Daring which is a one coater so I can't see them working for stamping. Layering them over black doesn't make a difference and though the formula is thin you only need, at most, three coats for full coverage. 

I do see a few that are similar to the Nails Inc Special Effects Mirror Metallic colors, Golden Rose Classic Metallic colors, a few Deborah Lippmann colors and a few OPI colors. That means that if you have those you'll see overlap in colors but price wise China Glaze is the winner. These look amazing in the bottle but the bottle color just doesn't translate to the nail. They are pretty but they don't live up to the promo photos. It's kind of like being promised a donkey and getting a hamster instead. They are both great and cute but a donkey does not equal a hamster.

On to the quick photos. I hope you find them helpful! I bought these at a local place but I am sure that they will be available all over the place very soon. Have a good weekend!

Swanky Silk is a rose/champagne shimmer that reminds me of Nails Inc Stratford but Stratford has a much stronger duochrome quality.

Rare Radiant is a green/gold shimmer and the closest one to Peridot in the bunch.

Unpredictable is a deeper blue/green/gold. 

Deviantly Daring is a deep teal with subtle green shimmer. Much deeper and a bit more green in reality. It's like a cousin to Rimmel Mania and is my pick of the collection. It's really beautiful. 

Want My Bawdy is a deep violet. I have no idea what is up with the name! This is similar to Nails Inc Cheyne Walk. This is less blue and more violet in reality. 

No Plain Jane is a purple/pink with a very subtle bronze/gold color shift. 

Here are some group shots. 

Smackdown: Dollish Polish The Many Shades of Mr. Grey vs Lynnderella 50 Shades of May-Be


Thought I would compare these two because I was curious and thought someone else would be as well. They are nothing alike but it's good to know for sure. I do think that if you have Connect the Dots (or a polish like it) and a greyish glitter you can get a nice approximation of 50 Shades of May-Be. 

Smackdown: Dollish Polish The Many Shades of Mr. Grey vs Jordana Galaxy

Don't forget about the giveaway!

I'm not as moved with Dollish Polish The Many Shades of Mr. Grey as I thought I would be. I really wanted it from the first time I read about it and was pretty smug when I was able to buy it. But it doesn't live up to my personal hype. No complaints on the formula just that the color isn't what I wanted. It's a bit too silver/blue and not enough grey. I don't think it is worth the cost, in price and time, because it seems so blah compared to her other creations. 

I thought I would do a smackdown because it reminded me of Jordana Galaxy and maybe this will help if you want the Dollish Polish color. They are not dupes but they are related. Also, I can't not recommend the Jordana glitters enough. They are easy to work with, fun, inexpensive and easier to get. 

I hope this helps and please feel free to suggest any other Smackdowns. 

Two coats alone. 

In a patch of sun.

One coat over black. 

One coat over a light purple like color.

Here I compared The Many Shades of Mr. Grey with Essie Set in Stones to show the difference between the silver and grey color. 

Under a patch of sun and they look close in this light.

You can purchase Dollish Polish from Overall Beauty, Llarowe and direct from her. You can purchase Jordana from Cherry Culture, Beauty Joint and from Jordana

Red Carpet Lacquer Jeepers

Red Carpet Lacquer is a favorite indie brand of mine. Clover is a huge favorite of mine and my bottle has a bit of a dent. That is saying something since my collection is in the four digits. I haven't been disappointed in any of the polishes I have from this brand. The base is smooth and the polish applies really well. I also enjoy the selection.

You can find Red Carpet Lacquer on Etsy, Facebook and her blog

Jeepers is from her new collection inspired by Scooby Doo. I watched the cartoon because my brother liked it and he always controlled the TV like a damn tyrant. I always solved the mystery and spoiled it which annoyed the hell out of him. Ha! The dope. Jeepers has two shades of purple and green glitter. It reminds me of Mardi Gras and I decided to wear it over China Glaze Cha Cha Cha. I purchased the rest of the collection and can't wait to play with them! I'm sure you'll be seeing them soon.

This nail polish was sent to me for review