Lynnderella The Garden of Even

I suppose that everyone has heard that Lynnderella is now selling her nail polish on Ebay. You can find her listings here. I was looking around the other day and happen to run across a listing for her Sweet Something's for a Summer Solstice collection. I bought a set and immediately felt a bit quesy because, holy shit, that's a lot of money for nail polish. I got over it. Sort of. I'm going to make the cats get a job to pay for my polish. 

I decided to wear The Garden of Even first. It's a magenta/pink/purple kind of color with tons of sparkle. The base is tinted (intentional bleeding?) and it's tinted enough that you could wear it alone but I decided to wear it over Precision Intoxicated. I had to dabble the glitter on which makes me wish the base was thicker so I had to dabble less. I'm a bit leary of the bleeding thing and I hope this means the color from the glitter won't fade in time. It sure does sparkle but I'm not totally loving it.

Please pardon any cat hair stuck to my nails. 

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