Smackdown: Dollish Polish The Many Shades of Mr. Grey vs Jordana Galaxy

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I'm not as moved with Dollish Polish The Many Shades of Mr. Grey as I thought I would be. I really wanted it from the first time I read about it and was pretty smug when I was able to buy it. But it doesn't live up to my personal hype. No complaints on the formula just that the color isn't what I wanted. It's a bit too silver/blue and not enough grey. I don't think it is worth the cost, in price and time, because it seems so blah compared to her other creations. 

I thought I would do a smackdown because it reminded me of Jordana Galaxy and maybe this will help if you want the Dollish Polish color. They are not dupes but they are related. Also, I can't not recommend the Jordana glitters enough. They are easy to work with, fun, inexpensive and easier to get. 

I hope this helps and please feel free to suggest any other Smackdowns. 

Two coats alone. 

In a patch of sun.

One coat over black. 

One coat over a light purple like color.

Here I compared The Many Shades of Mr. Grey with Essie Set in Stones to show the difference between the silver and grey color. 

Under a patch of sun and they look close in this light.

You can purchase Dollish Polish from Overall Beauty, Llarowe and direct from her. You can purchase Jordana from Cherry Culture, Beauty Joint and from Jordana

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