Smackdown: Lynnderella vs Others

I compared a few of the newer Lynnderella polishes. I didn't compare all of them but just the few that stood out to me that may have possible dupes. I will say that if you have a few of the LA Girl Glitter Addict polishes, some of the Jordana Glitter polishes and a number of Indie brands you have a very nice selection that you can play with to get the look of a number of Lynnderella polishes. 

If I looked harder I am sure I could find other polishes that could match the other colors from the collection. My point is: don't kill yourself trying to get a Lynnderella polish! There are a number of other brands that could sate the glitter hunger. This post is not meant to be an insult to Lynnderella but more to show that there are options if you can't get or afford her nail polish. Also, to maybe encourage some playing with layering and glitters. 

First up is Lynnderella Inner Space, 365 Days Of Color Explosion and Lynnderella Pentimento. My first impression is that Inner Space and Pentimento are really close to each other. If I was able to buy them separately I would have gone with Pentimento. Explosion is close to both of them. None are dupes to each other and I see differences but I think Explosion may sooth the lust burn for either Lynnderella. 

Next is Lynnderella Common Sense and Red Carpet Lacquer Shelby. Again, not dupes but both have that pink/copper look on the nail. The shape and finish of the glitter are different but they are a bit related. There is also a pink LA Girl Glitter Addict polish that could work to get this look. 

Last is Lynnderella I Don't Mean Rhinestones and Jordana Cosmic. They are very close with Cosmic having larger silver glitter thrown into the mix. 

You can purchase 365 Days of Color here, Red Carpet Lacquer here, Lynnderella here and LA Girl and Jordana here. I hope this helped or inspired you! 

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