Dollish Polish TEAM Salvatore

I absolutely love this polish. I purchased a mini from Dollish Polish but after playing with it I bought a full size bottle ASAP. It's red, black and silver mutli-shaped glitter. Love, love, love it! It's so great to see all these creations from people. Etsy is becoming a great place to browse for nail polish. I do have to say that I have never heard of the Vampire Diaries so I thought this was named after R.A. Salvatore the author. Opps!

Isn't it awesome?! The cat hair stuck on my fingers is a bonus just for you guys!

Urban Decay AC/DC

Ah, Urban Decay, why don't you put out good nail polishes again? Those mini sets don't count. Hmph! AC/DC is a shimmery purple foil. Wonderful formula. Also, AC/DC is a great band and are even more amazing live. My ears rang for days after seeing them. *sigh* Good times.

Sally Hansen Teal-y Fast

Such a beautiful color. Teal-y Fast is a rich and lush teal blue. It reminds me of velvet or other decadent fabrics. I am not a fan of the brush of these Insta-Dri polishes but put up with them because some of the colors are great. They also work as stamping polishes.

Revlon Saucy

I found this in the baby item aisle all by it's lonesome. I almost didn't see it because I don't pay attention to anything in the baby aisle but I have an eagle eye for polish. Hey, everyone needs a talent. It's a new color and it's very pretty! It's a glowy cool red shimmer that only needed one coat. I love the name. Saucy!

Brand Appreciation: Spoiled by Wet N Wild

I ordered a number of Spoiled polishes online from CVS. I find most of the colors I ordered to be easily found in other brands like Sally Hansen, Sinful and the regular Wet N Wild line. Some of the glitters are interesting but sparse with a thick base. They are all going to need thinner. I applied them by dabbing them on the nail. I don't like the brush. It's wide and soft and too big for my nails so I don't get a crisp application. They are fun and I think the glitters are the star but I don't think they are worth stressing over in tracking them down.

Jewelry Heist over Color Club Nomadic in Nude.

Pet My Peacock over China Glaze Pelican Gray.

Show Me The Money over Orly Lucky Duck.

Shuffle the Deck over Precision Sage.

Trust Fund Baby over Bettina Indigo.

Jessica Cosmetcs Twilight

Jessica Twilight was one of my white whale polishes. I never thought I would get my hands on it but I was able to swap for it. I was very lucky and I want to thank Vivian for this awesome and wonderful polish.

*sniff* I'm so happy!

Color Club Foils with Red Angel RA-108

I used Color Club Lumin-icecent and added China Glaze Snow Globe for some glimmer. I stamped with Red Angel plate RA-108 using Color Club Cold Metal. The Color Club Foiled collection is really great for stamping. 

Sally Hansen Earthen Opal

I think the Fire Opal line from Sally Hansen gets overshadowed by the Nail Prisms. I think that is a shame because the Fire Opal line has some gems. I suggest wearing them layered over a darker color to make them shine. Earthen Opal is loaded with shimmer and has a dark red with hints of purple base and a bronze/brown flash of color. The duochrome quality is subtle but the twinkle shimmer isn't. 

Icing Gold/Green Magnetix

I recently swapped with Adventures in Mani-land to get my greedy hands on the Icing Magnetix polishes. I was drawn to the gold/green one first. I did not use the magnet that came with the polish. I wanted to try a new one I bought from Ebay and it's really nice! This is the set of three that I bought and if you are looking for more magnets they are a good choice. Plus, they are very inexpensive!