Butter London Slapper

I like Butter London. I have a number of bottles from them and I really love a few like Wallis, Black Knight and Knees Up. So I was pretty happy to see Slapper from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection. They describe it as a teal. I say it's a teal with strong green tones - if that makes sense? It has a smooth and silky formula and it's almost jelly like but opaque. It looks juicy and wet even though it is dry. I can't say it is the most original color but it is a very cheery and happy color.

This color photographs a lovely deep sky blue which is really freaky because it's green. It's difficult to get an accurate photo of the color without color correcting. What you see below is what I see when I look at my nails after tweaking it PhotoShop. I read that some folks are disappointed in the color being different on the nail compared to what is in the bottle. I didn't have that problem - what the color is in the bottle is what showed on my nails. 

Here is a photo in pretty bad light but it shows the color well.

This was sent to me for review but you can purchase this and the collection from Butter London directly.

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GaffoRama February 2, 2012 at 11:02 AM

Ahhh, your nails look so cute this length! I didn't even recognize your photos for a minute.

Slapped is so pretty but I already got Fly, I wonder how close they actually are?

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