Amour Rain Glitter

Would you like to hear what I have been using to remove glitter polishes that I'm really liking? HandsDown Soak Off Gel Nail Wraps. I don't like using foil because I can't use my hands while wearing it and I don't like the feel. These wrap around the finger tip and are self adhesive - they are very much like a cloth bandage. They have a little square of cotton in the center that isn't pre-soaked. I can do both hands at once and still use my hands. I can even do one hand and re-use them on the other hand. Love them! If you don't like foil you may want to try them out.

On to the polish!

I love this polish. It's sparkly and I don't have to wear it layered. This is two coats alone. Huh, February seems to be turning into glitter month.

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