CrowsToes Maxxed Out

CrowsToes Maxxed Out can be purchased at llarowe.

I love this polish. Love, love, love! It's gold and blingy and bright and a bit garish and I love everything about it. I really think that if you are a glitter lover you should seriously think about owning this one. This is one coat over OPI My Very First Knockwurst. 

A close up showing detail. 

A few more photos. 

Picture Polish Demeter

Picture Polish Demeter can be purchased from Harlow&Co and Picture Polish

I enjoy earthy tones when it comes to polish - rust, brown, orange and odd yellow based shades. I like seeing polish companies release them. They aren't always to the taste of everyone but they are to me! Demeter is a rich brown particle holo. When I move my fingers in the sun it's like a wave of rainbow sparkles moving across each nail. The formula was thin but still very opaque at two coats and easy to apply. The below is two coats with topcoat. 

HARE Polish King of Carat Flowers

King of Carat Flowers can be purchased through HARE Polish at etsy and llarowe.

This is such an ethereal polish. I do think that most HARE polishes tend to look best layered over a coordinating base color. I think wearing them layered allows all the glitter and complexity of the polish to really shine. The below is two/three coats with one coat of topcoat. I'm really enjoying wearing this one. 

CrowsToes Asterope

I wasn't quite ready to remove Misa Bourbon on the Rocks so I layered one coat of CrowsToes Asterope over it. It's the perfect base for Asterope in my opinion. This polish flashes berry red, burgundy, brown/bronze and a golden yellow. It also has shimmer. There are lots of photos because I wanted to show all aspects of this polish. It's a beautiful polish. 

Here you can see the shimmer. 

Here is a good photo of the duochrome quality. 

Here are a few more!

Misa Bourbon on the Rocks

This colors rocks my world. Bourbon on the Rocks is a pretty spot on dupe for OPI German-icure which works for me since I prefer Misa over OPI. It's a rich brown red with shimmer and life. Wonderful formula as well. This is two coats. 

Here you can see the shimmer. 

I love that it's darker or lighter depending on the angle. It's very lush.

La Femme Unica

I really like this polish. This is the type of green I would have like to have seen in the recent Color Club Halo Hues collection. Actually, since emerald is the Pantone color of 2013, I would like to see a collection of various shades of green holo polishes. I haven't seen any hint of the emerald trend in nail polish this year so I am hoping it will show in the fall/holiday collections. *fingers crossed*

Unica is a yellow based green with a slight murky undertone. It's not a true linear holo but it is a strong holo. I only needed one coat for complete coverage. I think I got this in a swap but it can be purchased at llarowe and Ninja Polish

It doesn't look like much in the bottle does it? 

On the nail it really comes to life. 

Color Club 2013 Halo Hues Collection

It seems these were released a bit earlier than Color Club expected. I was surprised to see these on Ebay but was pretty happy about it so I bought a set. These are amazingly and wonderfully holographic with a beautiful formula. They go on like a creme and I had no issues applying them like other holo polishes. If you have been hesitant about trying a holo because of the formula you should try these - just gorgeous! 

This is a heavy photo post and please pardon the dry hands. It's really cold here and my skin is showing it. I think I need to soak in lotion for an hour! I'm also wearing topcoat in all of these photos and it did not dull the holo effect. They all seem to have a slight metallic sheen to them that isn't very obvious but I do see it. I'm guessing it's the holographic pigment. 

On to the swatches! 

Beyond is a black holographic. This is one coat. One! This is a dense black and it reminds me of Jade Magia Negra. It's more black and opaque compared to Layla Flash Black. 

Eternal Beauty is a mid-tone grape purple. This photographed lighter and I tried to color correct it but I just couldn't. It's lighter than Color Club Wild at Heart and much, much more holographic. It's a bit darker than Layla Ultra Violet. It's about the same purple as China Glaze Gamer Glam but it seems to fall in between the color wheel of other purple holo polishes I have. 

Here is a color accurate but bad lighting photos. This is one coat as well. 

Here you can see it shows lighter and more pastel in looks but it's actually deeper with a slight dusty quality. 

Cosmic Fate is a peach/copper. This is in the same color family as Layla Coral Glam and maybe some older OPI Designer Series colors. The holo in this really stands out against the base color. This is two coats. 

Low light to show the base color better. 

Bright light. 

Over the Moon is, I think, my favorite. It's a bit lighter than Layla Ocean Rush and it reminds me of a few Ozotic holo polishes. A lovely deep aquamarine or a london blue topaz color. Yum! 

Low light. 

Bright light. 

Kismet is a lime green. It's a green and as much as I love green I wish Color Club had done a darker green. This is two coats. 

Low light. 

Bright light. 

Miss Bliss is a deep pink that has a slight magenta undertone. This is two coats. I'm drawing a blank on colors that are in the same family. I'm sure there are but my brain is just not pulling any out at the moment. 

Low light. 

Bright light.