CrowsToes Celaeno

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I lost my internet connection and it was out from early Friday morning until early Tuesday morning. Annoying though this is the first time in years that my internet connection was lost so I can't complain too much. It was still annoying! I love the internet. 

Here is CrowsToes Celaeno from the new Pleiades Collection. The entire collection is made up of beautiful duochromes. I love duochromes and I was happy to see that these were not holo which is my preference. I had no issue with the formula but a bit of thinner may be needed. My black base was a mess so any lumps or bumps are from that and not Celaeno. I think next time I'm going to wear a less harsh base - maybe a brown or dark grey or green. 

Celaeno has copper/bronze/olive/yellow tones but the best part is the copper twinkle light sparkles. They are the same type of sparkles that Clarins 230, OPI Movin' Out and La Boheme has and I love it! It really gives it more depth and life. The entire collection is gorgeous! 

Lots of photos and I tried to show the color shift but this polish is much better in reality.

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