Etude House If Story Nail Kit 3: If Snow of Love Falls on the Christmas Tree

Another duo set from Etude House. There is something about sets that seem to call to me. The fact that they are glitter is even better. The name reminds me of some code phrase that some spy would say which amuses me. I bought this from The Cutest Makeup and she sent a ton of samples and shipping was extremely quick. Very impressed. 

This is If Snow of Love over Butter London Abso-Bloody-Lutely. It has star shaped glitter and really does feel like a Christmas tree. I forgot topcoat, opps, so it's not as shiny as it could be. 

This is Falls on the Christmas Tree over Essie Butler Please. This has pink shimmer that was a bit hard to capture on film. It also has heart shaped glitter but for the life of me I could not get any of them out of the bottle. 

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