Inglot 207

Inglot 207 did not photograph well at all. In the photos it looks like a sparse old gold glitter with a faint holo effect. In reality it looks like a strong prismatic holo glitter that covers the nail very well. It's deceiving in photos and much, much better in reality. The only drawback is that the bottle is small - 8ml - but you only need one coat. 

One coat of Inglot 207 over China Glaze Concrete Catwalk.

I bought this from an Inglot store but it is available online as well.

CrowsToes Morticia

CrowsToes Morticia is the red companion to Gomez. They compliment each other as they should. 

Bottle shot. 

One coat of Morticia over a mid-tone muted purple. I can't remember which purple!

CrowsToes Gomez

Another of the Addams Family polishes from CrowsToes.

Bottle shot.

One coat of Gomez over Nubar Faded Jeans.

CrowsToes can be had from her shop and from Llarowe and Overall Beauty

CrowsToes Thing

I am a big fan of the Addams Family and that includes the cartoons from Charles Addams that gave birth to whole franchise. The minute the Addams Family collection was available from CrowsToes I snatched them up. 

CrowsToes can be had from her shop and from Llarowe and Overall Beauty in the near future. Both of those retailers ship outside the US so that is good news for international folks. 

Bottle shot. I love the controlled chaos of this polish. It's a bit on the warmer side compared to other confetti type glitters. It's really well made and mixed. 

Here is one coat of Thing over Finger Paints Catwalk Queen which is a mustard shade. 

Tony Moly Lacquer Glitter GS12 Wonder Red Woman

GS12 is the red version of GS11. I bought this from HSC Imports as well. 

Macro shot. 

I am wearing one coat over CND Tweed which is a warm red creme. 

Tony Moly Lacquer Glitter GS11 Wonder Blue Woman

I like browsing Ebay in the wee hours of the morning. I found this while trolling around and it's pretty sweet. It's reminiscent of Lippmann's Across the Universe but brighter and clearer and cheaper. I bought this from HSC Imports and, as always, had a good experience. 

This is two coats alone. The base is tinted and builds up nicely but you could easily wear it over a dark blue. 

Macro shot. 

Here is a quick swatch of it over a navy creme. 

CrowsToes Bunny Slope

A little sparkle goes well with Sand Blast. I purchased Bunny Slope from CrowsToes and everything I have purchased has been a delight. I am looking forward to her new colors! 

Bettina Sand Blast

I have a few Bettina polishes and I've been very, very pleased with the formula on the creme polishes. They are smooth, silky and go on wonderfully. Sand Blast (from the Jeans Collection) is a light grey with just a smidge of blue. It's soft and light but not stark at all. It's very refreshing. 

I bought this by sending an email to It's been awhile so I can't remember the price but I do remember it being smooth and painless to purchase. 

Red Carpet Lacquer Shelby

I'm a fan of Red Carpet Lacquer. She makes Clover which is one of my favorite glitter polishes. It's so awesome! She surprised me with a bottle of Shelby to try out. I had no idea it was coming so it took me a minute to realize that I didn't actually buy something while in a trance. I hate when that happens! 

You can find Red Carpet Lacquer on Facebook or her blog or her Etsy shop. I highly recommend her!

Shelby is part of the Reel Brides Collection which is three polishes inspired by movie brides. Shelby is inspired by Steel Magnolies. It's a combination of two different pinks in various sizes/shapes. It's very well made and the combination of the two glitters has a very nice balance. The formula is nice as well - no sinking, bleeding and no need to dig for glitter nor dabble the glitter onto the nail. It just glides on which is a huge plus. 

Close up bottle shot. Love these!

Here is one thick coat over Orly Snowcone.

Here is one thin coat over Essie Marshmallow. I really like it this way. It's soft and clean looking.

Disclosure: This polish was sent for review.