Smackdown: China Glaze Strol vs Orly Glam

This is for Ms. Loodie.

I actually thought these two would be more different on the nail. In the bottle Glam looks a bit cooler and Stroll looks deeper and a bit more golden. On the nail they are suprisingly pretty close. It doesn't come across in photos but Glam has more of that twinkle light effect from the glitter. Stroll is just a smidge deeper. But they are really close to each other but not dupes.

Here they are on the thumb together. Feel free to click to make them larger.

On the hand.

Close up.

Butter London Dosh

I just love this polish. It's a shimmery yellow green that's bright and cheery. The formula is really nice and I only needed two coats. I bought this at for those interested.

Green, green, green! I love green!

Orly Glam

A gorgeous red with red micro-glitter. A very overlooked red glitter in my not so humble opinion. It's not a holo but it's still just as lovely.

OPI Designer Series (DS) Shimmer Japanese Release

*sigh* So pretty. I do love holo polishes. The number on this one is DS00-1JP and it was a Japanese exclusive. Why OPI? Why?

Essie Playa Del Platinum

Stupid name but a nice polish. It's a light grungy grey/nude color. It's sort of an edgy color that is playing safe in that Essie way. It's soothing.

CND Perfectly Bare The Look Spring/Summer 2011 Swatches

I think this set is called Perfectly Bare but it is CND The Look Spring/Summer 2011 offering. I saw it on Transdesign and since I really like CND Effects I bought it. I'm such a sucker. It's a set of two polishes - Perfectly Bare creme (Colour) and Perfectly Bare Shimmer (Effects). Wonderful formula on both which I have become accustomed to when it comes to CND. I don't hate it and I don't love it. I'm usually not a fan of "soft" colors and this is a "soft" set. I'm on the fence about it but I can't see reaching for it but only because of the colors and not because of the formula. Color taste is so subjective.

Perfectly Bare is a peach/nude creme. It's on the peach and warm side which is not very flattering on me. If you are looking for a peach nude this is worth looking into. Two coats and smooth with no problems. I did give Seche another try which explains the shrinkage on the sides.

Perfectly Bare Shimmer is a peachy/pink shimmer with little silver flecks. It gives the creme polish a very subtle shimmer and pearl effect. The really do go well together.

Bare Shimmer Effects over black and on bare nail.

Orly Cashmere Cardigan

Cashmere Cardigan is one of those color I really dislike in the bottle but once on the nail I enjoy. I stamped with BM03 using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in a coral and pink. They work really well for stamping. I added a little gem. I always feel bad when I remove a manicure that has gems. I have this compulsion to save the gems and use them again. I think that would be taking things a bit far.

Huemorista Midnight Invite

I enjoy discovering new polish. It's even better if they make me go, "Wow!" I purchased three polishes from Huemorista on Etsy. Her shop is here. They came really well packed and quickly. They are 5ml in size and come with a little tag with the name of the polish. I'm hoping that she puts the name of the polish on the bottle in the future because Lloyd already stole one of the tags. I'm also hoping that she creates more colors. I also hope that she starts to offer single bottles. I like hoping for things.

I always worry about handmade polish and the quality but this one is really nice. Went on smooth and there is no sinking of the glitter. Midnight Invite is described as a midnight blue jelly with opalescent flakes and bright aqua glitter particles and it is gorgeous! I layered one coat over a navy blue since I was already wearing it. Ugh, pretty! No topcoat in these photos and it dries with a high shine.


Bottle shot.

On the nails. I am going to have to wear it alone next time.

China Glaze Crackle Collection Swatches

I remember crackle polish from way back and the China Glaze Crackle's are so superior to those! I had no problems at all with applying them or removing them. They dried wonderfully and they weren't too thick or too thin. I prefer Black Mesh to OPI Black Shatter. I found the OPI to be a bit thick and it took a bit longer to dry. With Black Mesh I was able to apply a really thin coat or a thicker coat depending on what I wanted. It's going to come down to preference but the China Glaze is my pick.

I bought these from Transdesign and I'm so glad I got them. Remember to apply these to dry polish and wait just a bit before applying a topcoat. You can play with pattern by applying it in different ways to see what you get. You can put a thick layer, thin layer, apply it in horizontal strokes, diagonal strokes or put dots. Such a great polish to play with!

Now if China Glaze would make a green, red, silver, gold and a glitter crackle that would amazing!

Lightning Bolt (white creme) over Orly Iron Butterfly. I wanted to see what would happen if my base color wasn't dry before applying the crackle. It looks more white washed and I didn't get as much cracking.

Cracked Concrete (grey creme) over OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia.

Broken Hearted (pink creme) over Essie Playa De Platinum.

Fault Line (purple shimmer) over Nubar Barricade.

Crushed Candy (Tiffany blue creme) over Misa Jasmine.

Black Mesh (black creme) over China Glaze Cherish.