China Glaze Jitterbug

This looks very industrial on me. Which I like. It's a nice mix of silver, blue and grey with a shimmery foil finish.

China Glaze Tarnished Gold

So sexy and very baroque with the plummy base peaking out. I love this one. It looks like fabric and it's so rich looking. Kind of like velvet. My Mom is excited about this one. She thinks crackle polish is magic and goes "Ooo" and "Ahh" when she is watching it dry and crack. She is a cheap date!

This is one coat over China Glaze VII.

*This was sent to me for review. Thank you China Glaze!*

Color Club Love Em Leave Em

One of my favorite polishes. It's comfortable with a slight edge because of the holo. When I don't know what to wear this is one of the polishes I reach for and the bottle shows. It's half gone. *sigh* Going to have to buy another bottle.

China Glaze Platinum Pieces

I was leary of this one because I had the OPI Silver Shatter and wasn't impressed. The OPI was sheer and weak looking. There was no pow factor. Platinum Pieces is not sheer or weak in color. It shows up wonderfully on the nail and it cracks really well. If you are looking for a silver crackle I suggest Platinum Pieces.

This is one coat over China Glaze Below Deck.

*This was sent to me for review. Thank you China Glaze!*

Wet N Wild The Gold and The Beautiful

I didn't get the name of this polish until the sales lady at Rite Aid made a comment on how cute the name was because The Bold and The Beautiful is her favorite soap. I just smiled and nodded but really I had no clue what she was talking about. Thanks to Google I do now.

Don't wear this one alone. It's sheer and it really comes to life over a gold(ish) base color. Reminds me of OPI Thrills in Beverly Hills or a sheerer version of Orly Glitz and Glamour. Very pretty but best used as a glitter topcoat. This is two coats over Orly Solid Gold.

China Glaze Cracked Medallion

Don't forget about the giveaway/raffle!

I really like this polish. It looks like I am wearing a rock or mineral and it cracks really well. I bet it would look amazing over a green or a light blue. Wonderful formula and easy to work with - good job China Glaze!

This is one coat over China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway.

*This was sent to me for review. Thank you China Glaze!*

NYX Girls Emerald Forest

Another great one from NYX. It has depth and it's just gorgeous with it's flecks of goodness. I keep admiring my fingers. I think this over Zoya Ivanka would make me swoon. Ugh, now I'm all excited.

Isn't it pretty?!

Butter London Wallis

Bought this at Nordstrom during the sale and I'm really, really glad that I did. This color is amazing. It's an olive golden green shimmer. It glows and shimmers and it's going into my top 20 for 2011. Great formula and just needed two coats. In low light it leans more green and in bright light it glows golden. It's the flashier sister to Nars Mash.

Please Butter London, won't you put out more colors like this? Perhaps a deep amethyst or a burnt orange.

NYX Girls Hunter Green

Ugh! This is gorgeous! A wonderful formula - so creamy and smooth. It has a slight grey tone giving it a murky/dusty feel. For my fellow green lovers, this would make a great addition to your collection.

It's so sexy and vampy.

Maybelline Shooting Star

Holo glitter with little blue bar glitter pieces. In the sun it sparkles and in the shade it looks like granite. I do love the older Maybelline polishes.

One coat over Revlon Hazy.

LA Girl Color Addict Extreme

So pretty! LA Girl has been putting out some great shades. The Color Addict collection has golden shimmer throughout the polishes. Stunning! Really. Extreme is periwinkle with golden shimmer throughout. It's a soft color but the gold shimmer gives it some warmth. I bought this at Cherry Culture.

SpaRitual Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground is from the Fall 2011 Wilde collection. I bought mini bottles of the entire collection from AveYou but I was drawn to this one first. This is a stone taupeish/greyish type of color with little bits of shimmer throughout that leans pink/purple. Really sweet and a wonderful formula.

Revlon Colada Fizz

I love glass fleck polishes. They are just pretty and sparkly without being glittery. I saw the new Revlon scented polishes and picked up a few. My usual experience with scented polish is to run away from them. They stink badly. The ones I picked up have a scent that I kind of like - they are softer and not as candy-ish. And they are glass fleck in finish. Colada Fizz is a pale soft blue and it's sheer so I layered it over Jessica Bikini Blue. It smells like a pina colada but it reminds me of the beach.

It has more spark in real life. Like glass slippers.

Jessica Cosmetics Bikini Blue

I ate the last tube of my Smarties stash. I'm so sad. *sniff* Anyone from the UK want to swap for a butt load of Smarties and Maynard Wine Gummies? I can send you one of my cats in exchange but I get to pick the cat. Or I can send you my Dad.

One of my favorite baby blue polishes. I say this like I have tons and I don't. I'm not the biggest fan of soft/pastel shades but this one looks nice on me. It's not stark or too white and has a nice formula for a soft shade. I only needed three coats. Very fresh looking.

Happy Friday!

Chelsea Psycho Green

I did such a bad paint job with this and it was all user error. Sometimes there are days when no polish will go on right. Ah well, I am only human. I do love this one but I think there may be variations on this since I have seen swatches where it is more of a true green. This is a deep, deep blue based green with subtle hidden blueish shimmer.

Chelsea is one of those brands that I stumble across in little shops and I have never seen a full display. Pity because it's a brand I would like to be able to explore more.

LA Splash Midnight Rain

This is one coat over a red creme because I thought it would sheer but it's not. It has a blue tinted base that is full of red and blue glitter. It sparkles like gemstones and is pretty sweet for under $2. This can easily be worn alone but I do like the little glimpses of red that you get from the base color.