Chanel Peridot

I caved. This is the first Chanel nail polish I have purchased in a long, long time. I have to say that if I had the chance to swatch it at a counter I wouldn't have bought it. It's too gold and metallic on me. The green/blue flash is too subtle. In the bottle it is gorgeous but not so much on the nail. The formula is better compared to other Chanel polishes in the past but I'm not loving it and don't think it is worth $25+ for a bottle. It just doesn't have that omph factor I was expecting and, honestly, at the price Chanel charges I want to be wowed. I think if I didn't have some amazing duochromes in my collection I would be more impressed but I'm not.

Now, having said that. You are going to have a hard time finding a dupe to it in the USA. There are a few close polishes like Chemistry 507, Chemistry 519, Sephora Diving in Malaysia, and Golden Rose Metallic 03 but they aren't available in the USA. Some older polishes from Toma and Revlon could be a dupe but they are long discontinued. MISSHA HGR01 is in the same range but more green/blue. You can get that one on Ebay so that's handy but it's not a dupe. (On a side-note: If anyone has access and would like to swap for Sephora Diving in Malaysia and Golden Rose Metallic 03 drop me a note.)

I do think that companies watch trends and Peridot is going to be something new to most of the public. Not you all, of course, but to the general audience it will be. I hope that this will push companies to come out with more duochromes in a range of colors besides the typical blue/purple. Everybody and their mother duped Jade and Paradoxal so maybe a Peridot dupe will be on the market in the USA soon. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Photos. It was hard to capture the green/blue flash but I hope these help you with your decision to buy it or not. This is two coats so you don't need to layer it over black which is a plus.

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