SpaRitual Conglomerate

Conglomerate is from the Fall 2012 Rock collection and SpaRitual describes it as "Charcoal rock glitter infused with Rhyolite" which really isn't accurate and is kind of silly. What the hell is rock glitter? I want some! The polishes from the Rock collection are all infused with Rhyolite like the Gold collection was infused with gold. The infused thing makes it sound fancy but not as fancy as the giveaway!

In reality, Conglomerate is a murky greenish color with golden shimmer and little round black and white glitter pieces. It's different and a bit unattractive and the formula is a bit thick and fluffy but I kind of like it. I would have liked to have seen the glitter in a lighter base or in a clear base to wear it over any color. Still, it's an interesting color and not to the taste of everyone. 

I bought this from AveYou.

Here it is in natural light and in the shade. The shimmer isn't as pronounced but the glitter shows well. 

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