Nails Inc Special Effects Sprinkles Collection

Have you checked out the giveaway?

I wasn't sure if I would purchase these because they seem to be more of a novelty but I'm glad I did. They all have a great formula and the bottle color translates to the nail extremely well. I think Nails Inc did a great job with this collection. I may not reach for them often but I will wear them again. 

I purchased these from Sephora and if you plan to as well I highly suggest going through Ebates and getting 8% back on your purchase. Cha-ching! 

Sweets Way is a surprise because I think it may be my favorite. I like the clean and dreamy look it has on the nail. It's fun and oddly elegant. 

Sugar House Lane is my other favorite. It really is kind of ugly but that's why I like it. It reminds me of lumpy chocolate milk. I shook my fingers at a cat and the polish pooled a bit which is why it looks lumpy on my ring finger. Opps. 

Pudding Lane has an ocean look to it with the shades of blue. It's very bright and cheery. 

Topping Lane is pink. I don't hate it but it's my least favorite. My Dad, however, loved it but he thinks it's red. 

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