LA Splash Blowfish Green

I was doing some housekeeping in the Helmers and discovered some LA Splash polishes that I haven't worn yet. So I am declaring it LA Splash week.

I love, love, love the glitter in this. Blowfish Green has a sheer (very sheer) but bright lime/frog green base and the glowing blue glitter is sweet! This is one coat over CND Green Scene. This color isn't shy at all.

Happy October everyone!

By the way, here are two photos of the rescue kittens I posted about awhile back. One passed away from cardiomyopathy but the other kitties (and Mom) are thriving. They got so big! I'm told they are really funny and wonderful hunters. I thought you all would be interested.

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Sara October 3, 2011 at 12:03 PM

so cute! the nails and the kitties :)

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