Nails Inc The Wyndham Overglaze

My birthday is in November so I took advantage of the Sephora Friends & Family sale and picked up a few goodies. My birthday present to myself. It's no donkey but a big old Sephora box is just as good. I bought all three of the Nail Inc flake sets and decide to wear The Wyndham first. This set comes with Kensington which is a dark, dark teal creme but I grabbed Chelsea (from the Donmar collection) which is a vampy raisin/plum by mistake. I just went with it since I already started to paint my nails. Lazy = me.

The Wyndham has a clear base with green flakes that flash blue. Pretty. The formula seems a tad thinner compared to Nfu-Oh (39 I think would be its equivalent) but great flake payoff with one coat. Levels really well as it dries and it's shiny!

Happy early Birthday to me!

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