Guest Star - Borghese Red

My Mom snatched this one up really quickly. She can move when she wants to! She loves red and it was the only color she wore for a long time. I introduced her to purple and glitter. Now she feels naked without what she calls bling. Her favorite Konad stamp is the bubbles. I have created a monster.

Borghese Red was one of the bottles that were sent to me for review. I really like a good red creme and this one is a stunner! The formula, oh man. One coat for my nails and two for my Mom. So creamy and smooth. My Mom says this is in her top 10 but nothing will take the place of Nubar Peacock Feathers which is in her number one slot.

They also sent me a bottle of Magnetico Adhesive Base Coat but I don't use gripper type basecoats so I didn't think I could judge it fairly. My Mom does so she used it. She likes it. It dried really quick and seemed to fill in the ridges she has on her nails which made the polish go on a lot better for her. So she gives it an A+.

So here is my Mom wearing Borghese Red. Her nails are real and she does nothing to them. Nothing. No treatments, no basecoat other than a bonder type, no special oils or balm and she rarely has a chip or a break. I'd hate her but she is my Mom.

This is three days of wear.

My hand over my Moms. Ahh, we match! Pity I didn't inherit her long fingers.

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